Samsung redesigns its smartwatches: here is the new design

Samsung redesigns its smartwatches: here is the new design


Following what appears to be the intentions of Apple with his Apple WatchAlso Samsung seems to have the intention of giving a “new” design to its own smartwatch.

According to what is reported on the site SamMobilein fact, the Korean technological giant intends to embrace more classic lines compared to the recent past, leaving aside the round displays to propose rectangular dials.

It is currently unknown whether the design change will happen immediately or whether Samsung will begin new production next year. The launch of the new rectangular smartwatches, in fact, could be imminent and already correspond with Galaxy Watch 7available already in the next few months.

According to some insiders, however, the restyling could affect the next generation of products, with a longer wait.

The square display on smartwatches? This is why Samsung is about to make this choice

In fact, it must be taken into account that the change in shape of a dial does not only concern aesthetics but also the management of internal components. In fact, a drastic change of this type could require intense work on the hardware (and not only) on Samsung’s part.

The history of smartwatch designs is quite unique. If Apple remained faithful to rectangular dials, Samsung also wanted to explore more delicate lines. For the Asian manufacturer, the change in shape could represent a turning point.

A rectangular screen, in fact, facilitatesinteraction with the various notifications, especially on a type of product that already struggles to make the most of every available pixel. Round smartwatches, by their very nature, give the user very little space to scroll through notifications or other interface elements. In fact, although appreciated by many for aesthetic reasons, rounded displays do not make the best use of the space available.

In this sense, Apple Watch represents a positive context which, most likely, will be imitated by the next generations of Samsung smartwatches.

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