Samsung, some smartphones have a green line after the update

Samsung, some smartphones have a green line after the update

Something unusual has been happening in the last few hours. According to some testimonies that are emerging from the web, there is a problem affecting some old devices Samsung of the Galaxy line.

Many have identified him as the “green line problem”, a sudden appearance of a thin vertical green line that passes from one part of the screen to the other, thus hindering any potential functionality of the smartphone.

This problem seems to mainly affect some models in the series Galaxy S21. The most cited on the web are the Galaxy S21 Ultra and the S21 FE.

Samsung, some Galaxy S21s suddenly show a green line on the display

Multiple users report experiencing the toll-free line issue randomly, out of the blue. Others, however, would swear that everything occurred directly after software updates or simply after intense use, perhaps playing.

A user on X spoke about his experience: he said he noticed the line immediately after installing a software update. The smartphone in question would be a Galaxy S21 FE. Another testimony concerns a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: the green line appeared directly after the installation of the April patch.

The problem seems really strange and at first glance it is difficult to give an opinion on the matter. The exact cause of the green line therefore remains extremely uncertain. In the event that it is a software technical problem, the resolution could be a simple reboot or a factory data reset. Since the problem seems to persist even after these measures, it could be a potential hardware defect.

In all likelihood, a hotbed of controversy is being fueled for nothing. Expert voices claim that users who have experienced this situation may have had other types of problems with their Samsung smartphone.

The most probable cause of the green line should in fact refer to a connector from the display or to one flexible cable defective. These internal components connect the display to the main circuit of the phone so any shock could damage them. At the moment the exact cause is not 100% known but in the next few days the issues could finally come to a head.

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