Samsung Temporary Cloud Backup: what it is and how it works

From today smartphone owners Samsung Galaxy with One UI 6 or later, they can benefit from a new feature for backing up their most important data. The new Samsung Temporary Cloud Backup is a useful tool for saving and transferring data to secure storage available on the cloud.

It was born as a service to reassure users about the effectiveness data retention and their ability to recover in various scenarios. Think for example of situations in which the user hands over the smartphone to a repair center to restore the functioning of some hardware component. Here, in these situations as in many others, users no longer have to be afraid lose data because, thanks to Samsung Temporary Cloud Backupwill be kept in a safe and protected manner.

Maintenance Mode goes hand in hand with Samsung Temporary Cloud Backup

The Maintenance Mode is a feature created to protect personal data and information stored on smartphones, tablets and Galaxy Books (starting from 2023 models) when they are subjected to repair activities. This special mode, which can be activated upon request by the user, restrict access to any data or information of a nature personal preventing unauthorized people from viewing them and possibly taking possession of them.

When your Samsung device is in Maintenance Mode, you cannot access photos, videos and other files; you cannot access your contacts and call log; It is not permitted to check the content of messages. Only the app precaricate without user accounts. Data and accounts generated in Maintenance Mode are automatically removed when it is deactivated.

Samsung explains that Temporary Cloud Backup now becomes an integral part of Maintenance Mode: all personal data stored on your device, including private files within the protected folderthey can be backed up safely and then requested to be restored once the repair has taken place.

Backup smartphone data to the cloud with Samsung

Very useful solution even in the case of changing devices

The South Korean company notes that Temporary Cloud Backup proves to be a simple and reliable tool to prepare for switching to a new smartphone: thanks to it, in fact, it is possible transfer data quickly and effectively.

Users can back up their data before performing a restore of the old smartphone at Factory Default Settings. This gives you the certainty of recovering the backed up information at any time.

Activation and available space on the cloud

Users who configure the new Samsung device can restore data as part of the setup wizard. Even skipping restoring previously uploaded information to Temporary Cloud Backup, the backup is easily available on the cloud at any time. Either using Maintenance Mode or using the reset function.

Service Temporary Cloud Backup made available by Samsung is free, with no total storage space limits. The dimensions of individuals file however, they are limited to 100 GB. However, this is an absolutely high threshold value which avoids uses not foreseen by the company.


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