Samsung, the idea of ​​titanium for all Galaxy S24 models

Samsung, the idea of ​​titanium for all Galaxy S24 models

The rumors are becoming more and more insistent and obviously the hype is growing more and more: i Galaxy S24 Of Samsung they approach with great strides. According to what was reported, confirmations had already arrived at the beginning of this month regarding the South Korean giant’s desire to implement a titanium frame for its absolute top of the range.

During the last few hours, however, there would have been a new leak of indiscretions that confirmed this rumor, integrating it with something new. From what we learn, Samsung is even thinking of extending this feature to the entire line S24.

Meanwhile, further confirmations are arriving that the Ultra will have the much-coveted titanium frame, with the final phases coming to fruition. There are several companies with which Samsung has chosen to collaborate to best develop this solution, including Solomonan American company.

The giant would also be using this last period to collect users’ feelings regarding the use of this new material. If the opinions are positive, Samsung could choose to expand the novelty to the other two models in the series.

Samsung, titanium also for Galaxy S24 and S24+

All of this is true despite the fact that a titanium chassis could cost Samsung around four or five times more than the usual option. In fact, using the S23’s aluminum chassis currently costs Samsung less than 20 dollars per unit.

The South Korean company is said to be aiming for approx 15 million of units: this would mean the total number of S23 Ultras shipped so far.

Titanium should be one of the new features of Samsung’s smartphones, even if the company is focusing on a well-defined framework. This will remain composed of a camera with a main sensor 200 MP and a screen OLED and 6.8 inches of breadth.

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