Samsung, the Unpacked event will have the new Smart Ring as the main star

2024 will be a big year for Samsungalso because there have been persistent rumors about the next event for months Unpacked. Something new should arrive during the first quarter, obviously together with the new smartphone line Galaxy S24.

The presentation will most likely take place in January, but Samsung’s schedule could be different. In fact, according to the news that some informants have published on the web, the flagship product will not be represented by one of the three phones.

In fact, the rumors that the new thing is certain to arrive are increasingly insistent Galaxy Ring, a much talked about device during these months. New rumors would have confirmed that the presentation of the unusual wearable will be scheduled for Q1 and therefore, presumably, on the occasion of the Unpacked event.

The Galaxy Ring will steal the show from Samsung’s new S24

Technology lovers have gleaned some details from this alleged decision by Samsung: since the Galaxy Ring is the flagship product, the S24 will probably not be so different from the current S23.

Someone else however believes that, since the ring is something totally new, it will steal the show from the new smartphone range regardless of the innovations they will integrate.

Returning to the presentation of the Galaxy Ring, Samsung could decide to present it officially but delay it the release. In fact, the smart ring would require several approvals from regulatory agencies in various countries, as it has many health-related features.

It should be clarified that the highlighted image represents the rings of Oura, currently the only giant to have produced something truly high-performance. Samsung’s intent is to disturb this company by putting on the market a one-of-a-kind product, in full Galaxy style.

This could therefore be the dawn of a new dispute that could keep smartphones out at least for once. At the moment what is certain is that Samsung’s new Galaxy Ring will not only be beautiful to look at, but also very functional.


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