Samsung’s auto-spoiler on the Galaxy Z Flip5 a few days before the event

Samsung's auto-spoiler on the Galaxy Z Flip5 a few days before the event

The number of companies that have embraced the idea of ​​the foldable smartphone is constantly increasing. This exact market it is dominated by Samsung with its Z Flip and Z Fold, devices that – generation after generation – are improved where necessary. The next iteration will be presented shortly, and more precisely on July 26 with an event in Seoul, but Samsung has already confirmed it today the most awaited novelty of the Galaxy Z Flip5: The largest secondary display.

Samsung unveils a novelty of the Galaxy Z Flip5 in advance

With a short film (about 2 minutes) Samsung adds a new chapter to its titled advertising campaign “Join the Flip Side”. The South Korean giant wants users to switch to the “foldable side”, that they abandon the competition (mainly Apple) for embrace the newwith all the advantages of the case.

The message is reiterated in the new commercial, where a group of friends – during a quiet afternoon in a summer camp – hear strange voices about a mysterious foldable smartphone. A single glance is enough to be conquered by the Samsung device, irresistible because it is innovative like few others. The protagonists, however, do not want to abandon the “old” and give themselves to desperate escape, but …

Have you heard about this Samsung Flip foldable smartphone? Because apparently you only need to look at it once and you can’t get it out of your head. And the only way you can stop thinking about it is… to have it!

The spot is fun and well done, and includes a detail that has not escaped many users. In fact, in the finale, “something” is glimpsed: while they are in the car, in the pocket of a protagonist, one glimpses what is a much larger secondary display than the one integrated on the Galaxy Z Flip4.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 - Spot Samsung

The device is not shown in its entirety (otherwise the Unpacked event on July 26th would not make sense), but it is clear that it is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5. In closing there is also a person who wonders if the smartphone that everyone is looking at in amazement “it’s the new one“. In short, no doubts.

Rumors about the alleged hardware and software features of the device have been circulating for weeks now, and yes, there is also insistence on the larger secondary display (the one you see when the clamshell device is closed).

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 - Leak

Although there are now very few doubts, it is necessary to wait for July 26, the day of the Samsung summer event, for the official announcement.

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