Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold6 with TITANIUM but no S-Pen, the specifications

Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold6 with TITANIUM but no S-Pen, the specifications

Parando of folding devices, Samsung dominates the market and for one reason in particular. The company, even if its range of leaflets does not have the best technical specifications, has managed to define the marketing and distribution channels in a great way, also creating a very clear identity: whoever thinks of a leaflet now thinks of Samsung. With the Galaxy Z Fold5 Now launched for several months, users are thinking about what’s to come. Over the past few weeks, the first rumors about the Galaxy Z Fold6 and apparently they’re talking about some very significant changes.

The Galaxy Z Fold6 will be a top foldable, the rumors reveal the specifications

Analyzing the rumors that have reached the web in the last few hours, the next Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 could be extremely similar to the Galaxy Z Fold5. Who expected the arrival of one S-Penwill be disappointed: the source reports the absence of the infamous accessory.

Furthermore, according to rumors, the foldable smartphone could leave the overall number of camera megapixels unchanged. The photographic sector could therefore remain the following: main rear camera from 50 MPa telephoto lens from 10 MP with 3x optical zoom and an ultrawide camera from 12 MP.

As regards the upcoming changes, the rumors talk about a clear improvement in the internal camera under the display. There is also talk of an external display that could touch i 6,4″, with a minimal increase over the 6.2-inch Fold5’s display. The new Fold6 could gain these 0.2″ more in width: the form factor would be 20:9.

The big change, however, could concern the measurements, with the Galaxy Z Fold6 which could be much thinner and lighter. We talk about 11 mm when closed, 2.4 less than the Fold5. The masterstroke, however, would be in the creation of the frame, more squared and thin titanium. As for the processor, there should be one Snapdragon 8 Gen 3while in terms of autonomy, there is room for a battery from 4.600 mAh.

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