Save battery on Wear OS and Apple Watch

Does our smartwatch run out of battery too quickly? Let’s see together how to save battery effectively

Wear OS and Watch Battery

Modern smartwatches have numerous health and physical activity monitoring functions, as well as functions for emergency rescue and to measure the depth to which we descend while diving; all of these features have significantly reduced battery life on these devices, which effectively they must be recharged every day.

In the following guide we will show you the most effective tricks for save battery on smartwatches equipped with Google Wear OS and on Apple Watchesso as to be able to reach at least 2 days of autonomy in most cases.

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1) Save battery on Wear OS

There are various tips that can be applied to smartwatches equipped with the Wear OS operating system, based on Android and of which it follows its advantages and disadvantages (especially from the point of view of autonomy). To extend the battery of these smartwatches we can apply the following advice:

  • disable always-on screen: we swipe down from the top of the screen, press up Settingslet’s get into the menu Screen and we turn off the voice Display always active o Always active screen.
  • Change dial: Some watch faces use more power, especially if they include many meters or indicators on the screen. We choose a simpler dial from the Wear OS app, with dark shades.
  • Reduce screen brightness: to reduce the brightness of the screen we swipe down from the top of the screen, press on Settingslet’s get into the menu Screenwe press on Adjust brightness and we choose a lower value than the one used so far.
  • Uninstall apps: to uninstall unused apps, press the power button, go to the Play Store app, press The mie appidentify the unused apps, select them, scroll to the bottom and press on Uninstall to remove them.
  • Turn off unwanted notifications: if some apps show notifications that we are not interested in, we can block them by opening the Settingsby pressing up Notifications (o Apps and notifications), by pressing on App notificationsby pressing up Show all and finally on the app to be deactivated, turning off its switch. On some versions we will have to go to the menu Notifications -> Block app notifications and add apps to block.
  • Activate night mode: if our smartwatch has a night mode or an essential mode, it is always best to activate it in the time slot in which we sleep, so as to be able to monitor our sleep at least one night without having to recharge every time.

These tips should be enough for Save enough battery to cover 2 days straight; if we also want to monitor sleep it is necessary to charge the smart watch before nightfall, perhaps charging it a few hours before going to bed (during dinner).

2) Save battery on Apple Watch

On Apple Watch, energy saving recommendations can be applied both from the watch and from the Apple Watch app, present on the iPhone associated with it. The advice to follow is the following:

  • activate energy saving workouts: to activate the energy saving mode during training, open the app Watch on the iPhone, press on Training and we activate the voice Energy saving.
  • Enable Watch Power Saving: directly from the Apple Watch we can activate energy saving by pressing on the app Settingsby pressing up Drumspressing on the voice Energy saving and we press on Activate to activate it immediately; pressing on instead Activate for we can choose how many days to keep the function active.
  • Turn off automatic screen activation: let’s take you into the app Settingslet’s open the path General -> Enable screen and we disable Activate the screen when you raise your wrist.
  • Disable unnecessary functions: both from the watch and from the iPhone app we can deactivate unused functions such as Noise, Cycle monitoring, Mindfulness e Hand hygieneturning off the relevant notifications or associated functions.
  • Reduce heart rate and GPS readings: for further energy savings we open the app Settingswe press on Training and we activate Fewer heart rate and GPS measurements.

To these recommendations can also be added those relating to screen brightness and Always-onwhich impact the battery life of a modern Apple Watch.


Even following all the advice provided to the letter we will hardly be able to reach the full two days of autonomy, given that there are so many sensors and so many things to monitor. We cannot completely give up the functions of these watches, precisely to make the most of the intelligent features.

The best advice is to charge them when we will use it little or when we are at the desk for work, placing the charger next to the PC: many do not find themselves writing with the watch and charge it often it will increase the total autonomy, allowing us to monitor even during the night.

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