Scam, teenager alert: cybercriminals are targeting generation Z

When it comes to scams, the adolescent age group is the most at risk. This is stated by the experts ofFBIaccording to which in the last five years adolescents have lost their 2,500% more money due to scams.

This percentage, compared to the increase for the elderly, equal to805%, is quite worrying. But how is it possible that the generation Z, born totally immersed in IT (and the associated dangers), are you so clueless when it comes to scams and various frauds? In reality, scammers have a variety of ways to target teenagers.

Just think about the fake competitions related to influencer, a sadly widespread phenomenon. Scammers use fake accounts to pose as well-known influencers and, holding imaginary competitions, ask followers Bank details and other sensitive data in order to participate or request alleged prizes.

Even with regards to cases romance scam, young people appear to be quite vulnerable. Fake profiles, a little chatting skills, and the cybercriminals start asking requests for money, gifts e sensitive data.

Teenagers and online scams: from fake competition scams to sexting

Then there is no shortage of cases of sexting, with scammers using sexy photos to blackmail victims. If this phenomenon is, in itself, worrying, for a teenager it can become nothing short of horrible, with stories ending even with suicide of the victims.

How is it possible to limit the risks for our children? The first step is information young people about the potential risks we have just talked about.

Being wary of supposed competitions and being careful when chatting with strangers are fundamental steps for a peaceful online existence. In the more practical context of cybersecurityto adopt antivirus and other digital security systems can be useful.

For the pre-adolescent phase, then, the use of a system parental control it can be very useful for accompanying younger people in a complex and multi-faceted context such as the internet.


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