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Schedule posts Those who use social media for work or manage a group or page they care about a lot, the post scheduling function is really very useful, so they can work in advance on the messages to be sent and see them appear only as often as we have decided, without therefore having to stay all the time in front of the computer or the app of the social site we use.

To make our work easier, let’s see all the ways to schedule posts on Facebook (profile, pages and group, on Twitter and other famous social networks such as (Instagram and LinkedIn), so you can automatically publish posts in the future in the pages, without having to be physically present at the time of publication.

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Schedule posts on Facebook and Instagram

On Facebook we can schedule posts directly from the site, without having to use external resources. In order to plan you must be an administrator or editor of the Page: if we have created the page we can proceed, as we can proceed in the pages where we help as editor.

First we go to the Facebook site, log in, press the left side on the menu Pages, we open the page we manage, click on the left side on Publishing tools then we press on the item Scheduled posts and finally on Create post.
Facebook program

Now all we have to do is enter the date and time of the schedule and fill in all the other fields of the post, so that we can schedule it as established. Facebook’s planning tool can be used for schedule the same post on Instagram, but before we proceed we will have to connect the page’s Instagram account to Facebook.

To add Instagram to the Facebook planning tool let’s go back to the page we manage, press side up Page settings, scroll through the various items and finally open the section Instagram.
Instagram program

On the page that opens, click on Colleague account and we enter the Instagram credentials when requested (if we have used Facebook, the connection with the account will be automatic).

Schedule Twitter posts

Social Twitter also has a scheduling system, which we can use for any post we have in mind. To proceed, all we have to do is open the Twitter site, log in with the account in our possession and press the calendar icon, immediately below the post entry field.

After having decided the date and time of the post, we click on Confirmation and create the post as usual; at the end we confirm the scheduled post and close Twitter, sure that our message will be published at the set time and date.

Sites for scheduling posts

Before social networks became so modern it was not possible to plan posts without the help of an external site; over the years many sites have sprung up to schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, let’s see the best ones together.

  • Buffer, a tool for sharing content on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, which allows you to schedule posts and send them on all profiles and pages. Buffer also supports Facebook Pages, Instagram Accounts, and LinkedIn Pages. You can use it for free, for three social profiles together, while if you want more you have to pay.
  • Postcron: probably thebest application per send scheduled posts, because it supports Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. With Postcron you can schedule messages and status updates for Facebook which include also photos and images and website links. The application can be extremely useful for bloggers to post their content every day on Facebook in order to send it, for example, every 3 hours, at regular intervals.
  • SocialoOmph is a very similar application for scheduling tweets at a set time and day that also allows you to shorten URLs with bit.ly and translate tweets. The button Schedule is the one to schedule the tweets to be published. This app supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest as well as Tumblr, Medium and WordPress blogs. The free account, however, allows you to schedule posts only on a social profile.
  • Twittimer is a commercial tool that can be used for free to schedule up to 10 posts per month, on three social networks: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you want more, then you have to pay for a subscription. Updates can be scheduled every fifteen minutes and you can set a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly frequency. All scheduled updates are visible in your account, and you can check the statistics, delete them by hand individually or in bulk.
  • TweetDeck is a web app to use Twitter from the desktop in a different and more journalistic way
    TweetDeck allows you to schedule updates on Twitter by setting the “schedule” under the writing box for a new post.
  • HootSuite is the best site to schedule posts for all known social networks, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Hootsuite is a popular application for social marketers on a professional and commercial level.

We use one or more of the services listed in order to become successful social media managers, planning every single post we have to publish.


With the advice seen above we no longer have to stay in front of the PC to plan the activity of our social page, since we can plan each publication with great care and continue the activity even when we are not physically present in front of the computer, leaving the publication on the social network itself.

Still on the subject of planning, you can also program SMS and Email from Android e schedule the sending of Emails in Gmail at a future date.

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