Search and replace text and words across multiple files or documents together

How to quickly search and replace words and text across multiple files and documents together

Find and replace
Searching for text among files on your computer can be done with the simple Windows search function. In fact, from any folder, when you press on the word search, you can write the word to search for in text files and documents in the “content text” field.
As we had seen to improve the search for files on a computer, there are more effective programs for search for words across all documents and text files which are located on the PC or in a specific folder.
More effective means that it searches for words even in files not considered by Search on your Windows computer. Among them there are, for example, the .mht of saved web pages and the metadata hidden in Office documents.
Before we look at free programs that search for specific text within files in a folder, let’s see how to use word search in Word or LibreOffice.

1) To find and replace words in Word all we have to do is open the document with Microsoft Wordtake us to the tab Home and press the top button Replace. Alternatively we can open the same replacement window by pressing the keys CTRL+MAIUSC+S.
Find Word

To use this window we enter the incorrect word in the field Finds and the correct word in the field Replace with. After filling in the fields we can proceed to scroll through each incorrect word (to see if it actually needs to be replaced) by pressing on Find next, which will work until we reach the end of the document. By pressing on Replace everything you can replace that word throughout the document.

If we want to add particular filters to the search system we can press the More button and thus unlock i advanced filtersadding searches for uppercase, lowercase, wildcards, prefixes, suffixes and programming the search window to ignore punctuation marks or spaces.

In LibreOfficeit’s the same thing and you just need to fill in the fields Finds e Replace and use one of the filters present to be able to precisely search for the word or words to replace. To scroll between the various words we use the keys Find previous e Find nextto highlight all the words we use the button Find everythingwhile to replace the words we will have to use the keys Replace (to change one word at a time) or Replace everything (to change all the words found).

2) dnGrep, on the other hand, is a small open source tool to download and use as a search tool for Windows based on the GREP command line tool. It can search for text content within documents and archives, and the program’s interface is simple, with all the options that allow you to set search conditions. The application uses three plugins that you can choose during the installation process to search inside Word, Excel and PDF documents. It can search for text and words on many documents together, within a folder, of type DOC, DOCX, DOCM, XLS, XSLX, XLSM and PDF; these are the supported archive formats: ZIP, 7Z, JAR, WAR, EAR, RAR, CAB, GZ, GZIP, TAR, RPM, ISO, ISX, BZ2, BZIP2, TBZ2, TBZ, TGZ, ARJ, CPIO, DEB, DMG, HFS, HFSX, LZH, LHA, LZMA, Z, TAZ, XAR, PKG, XZ, TXZ, ZIPX, EPUB, WIM, CHM.
The search process is quick and very precise. dnGrep also supports word replacement within multiple text files.

3) Text crawler is a free tool for search and replace words across multiple text files which helps to find a keyword in multiple files and folders. It is possible to search the text directly or, for more complex operations, by entering regular expressions with variables.
This excellent little program has, in summary, the following characteristics:
– Find and replace words contained in text files of any type immediately and automatically.
– Quick search, even on large files
– Simple to use interface
– Ability to set flexible search parameters through the use of variables.
– Text Extractor to extract selected words into a new text file.
– Search and replace with regular expressions.
– Possibility of saving searches made to repeat them later.
– Create backup files.
– Export the results.

To use the search for a word with TextCrawler, first you must select the folder (initial position) in which to search then you set the name of the file and, the best thing if you don’t know anything, is to write *.* which means “search for the word in all files of any format”. Finally, you write the text to find in the find field. Quickly, the program lists all text files in which this word was found with indication of its location. The for function is also very useful extract certain words from a group of files or a long text. For example, you can choose to extract a list of email addresses or other selected information.

4) Another great program to search for words and replace text in multiple files together is Search And Replace, free and without installation, for all versions of Windows. To replace text, search for the words and then enter how they should be changed on the selected files in a folder.

5) Always to search and replace words in a text file you can use Notepad ++which has this feature built-in.

6) wReplace is a text editor with functionality search and replacement of individual words or parts of them. Thanks to a system of customizable rules that can be applied to the text. This tool is also great for selecting individual special characters in programming languages.

7) Transfz it is a tool for automatic text editing. The good thing about Transfz is the customization made thanks to some plugins that can be downloaded from the program website. Extensions include text magnifier, white space remover, and clipboard history which makes working with copy and paste faster.

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