Secret Invasion, the AI ​​controversy breaks out in the intro: even a former Marvel is against it

The use ofartificial intelligence (regardless of scope) raised a few right away doubts about the fate of some professional figures. A fuss, for example, has recently arisen, with the news about the opening sequence of Secret Invasionnew signed live-action series Marvel Studios and available on Disney+. Why giants of this caliber, with almost infinite economic resources, do they prefer AI to industry professionals? This is the question that many, many are asking themselves.

Marvel Studios and Disney: rain of criticism for the use of AI in Secret Invasion

Director Ali Selim has confirmed that the opening sequence with the credits of Secret Invasion was made by Method Studios with artificial intelligence and which is in perfect harmony with the sensations that the series aims to give back to the viewer. If Selim was pleasantly impressed by the result, the same cannot be said of the many artists who feel threatened by artificial intelligence. Generative AI, in fact, draws from millions of images made by “real people” to create a mixture in a few minutes but which – months ago – would have taken hours, if not even weeks or months.

So a feeling of frustration, also because Secret Invasion will potentially be seen by millions of fans. What consequences will this “message” have? The concept artist Jeff Simpson (also behind a collaboration with Marvel) he expressed all his disappointment:

The intro of Secret Invasion is generated by artificial intelligence. I am devastated, I believe that AI is unethical, dangerous and designed solely to end the careers of artists. I spent almost six months working on this series, and had an amazing experience with the most amazing people I’ve ever met.

Independent filmmaker Brian Long criticizes Marvel Studios’ recent choice by posing four examples of memorable intros created by “real human beings”.

Tweet Brian Long uso AI in Secret Invasion

Finally, some users have communicated that they want to boycott the series to show support for the artists.

Method Studios responds and tries to reassure everyone

After the attacks, Method Studios explained a The Hollywood Reporter that the team has indeed exploited the AI ​​for the intro of Secret Invasion, but only for “the characteristics and the movements of the various characters”. Therefore, artificial intelligence he did not do the work of an artistbut “assisted” the creative team.

«The production process was highly collaborative and iterative, with a focus on this specific application of an AI toolset. […] It is of fundamental importance to underline that, despite having provided excellent results, the AI ​​component is only one of the tools available to our artists“, concluded Method Studios.

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