Secret Invasion: The opening sequence of the Marvel series was created with AI

Secret Invasion is the first live-action series of Phase 5 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and sees Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury back in action. Inspired by the comic saga of the same name, the series presents a world where no one can be trusted, because behind every person there may actually be a Skrull. This “feeling” is felt even when looking at the opening credits, with a sequence of images that – it turns out – it was created using artificial intelligence.

Marvel Studios also takes advantage of AI: the opening sequence of Secret Invasion

On Earth there are hundreds and hundreds of Shapeshifting Skurlls who can take the form of anyone, even the most beloved superhero in the Marvel universe. This means that no one can be trusted. Secret Invasion debuted on Disney+ on June 21 with the episode “Resurrection“, well received by critics and fans. You can see it directly from here.

The Marvel show is one spy-story with some political thriller and, of course, that fantasy mandatory in content based on the boundless imagery of the House of Ideas. In any case, this is not the right place to talk about the first episode, but it is for bring attention to the opening sequence. This includes a series of watercolor-like illustrations, blurry images that fade and vanish. This style could be defined “Skrull Cubism” and was made by Method Studios with artificial intelligence.

Marvel Secret Invasion - Opening

According to the director of the series, in fact, this is a completely choice in line with the themes of Secret Invasion. Like so many other people, inside and outside the field, director and producer Ali Selim admitted that he doesn’t understand how artificial intelligence really works but – at the same time – underlined how much this managed to “give life” to the sense of suspicion that the series wants to convey.

Method Studios did not provide details on how to use the AI ​​for Secret Invasion, but Selim called this solution as something “exploratory, exciting and different from the usual”.

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