See when and who read on Whatsapp

Check Whatsapp In the age of SMS when they sent a message to someone and we received no reply, there was still the hope that the message had not been read due to forgetfulness or because the interlocutor was busy doing something else.
On new instant messaging systems it is not possible (with the basic settings) to escape reading confirmation, which allows you to clearly show when the message is displayed and read. If we use WhatsApp as a messaging app and we want to interpret when and who has read a WhatsApp message, in this guide, we will show you all the secrets of confirmation ticks, so you can always know when the message is received or read by the interlocutor or by the WhatsApp group.

When and who read a WhatsApp message

To see when a message has been read on WhatsApp all we have to do is check the number of ticks and the color of the same next to each message we insert into the app. If we want to increase privacy when we send messages and don’t let people know when we read the messages, we will show you in the dedicated chapter how to deactivate the blue confirmation ticks.

Checks and signs on WhatsApp messages

After sending a message on WhatsApp we see one appear single gray check?
gray check

In this case, the message was received by the WhatsApp service, but not yet delivered to the recipient. Usually, this check lasts very few moments, before becoming double (practically imperceptible on a fast Wi-Fi or LTE network), while it could appear in case of slow network connection or problems with WhatsApp servers.
In groups, this single check is present when the message has not yet been delivered to all interlocutors.

After sending a message on WhatsApp we see one appear double gray check?
double check

In this case, the message has been sent to the recipient correctly, which will then appear the notification of the new message (more relative sounds or vibrations set on your phone). When we see the gray double checkmarks, the message has definitely arrived at the destination (in the interlocutor’s app).
In groups this double-check is present when the message has been delivered to all interlocutors.

After sending the message, we see one appear (immediately or after a short time) blue double-check?
blue check

In this case, the message was certainly displayed by our recipient (opened the notification of the same or opened the app and took the chat in which we had sent the message).
These are the only points that we feel in an undeniable way that the message was read by the recipient: the other checks are “preparatory” and show all the steps that the same performance before being read.
As it is easy to understand in the groups this double blue check is present when the message has been delivered and read by all the present interlocutors.

We sent a message but a clock has appeared next to it?
clock messages

In this case, the message did not start from our phone due to problems with the WhatApp management service or connection problems on our mobile phone. If the problem persists for more than an hour, we advise you to read our guide Because the internet is slow and what to do to fix it.

How to know the reading time of the message

If we want to know also the reading time of the message we sent on WhatsApp (after seeing the appearance of the blue double check), it is sufficient to follow the following procedures depending on the operating system in use:

  • On Android, touch and hold on the message, select the three dots at the top right and finally press the button Info. In the screen that will open we will see the time when the message was delivered and also the time in which it was read.
  • On the iPhone touch and hold on a message sent, press on Other and finally up Info to see the delivery and reading the time.
  • On Whatsapp Web, instead, you can click on the double blue tick to open the screens directly Info or click on the down arrow that appears when you move the mouse cursor over the message and choose the item Info message.

Obviously, if the message was only delivered and not read, we will see only one time available.

How to deactivate the blue double check

If for reasons of opportunity or tranquility we do not want to let you know when we read the messages, we can change the privacy settings by opening the WhatsApp app, tapping on the menu with the three dots at the top right and then on Settings (on Android) or lower right on the menu Settings (on iPhone), opening the menu Account and selecting the menu Privacy.
Confirm reading

From this menu, we can remove the read confirmations by deactivating the homonymous entry (it will be valid both for our messages and for the messages we will receive from others), but also disable the last access time, particularly useful in case of relatives or acquaintances “oppressive”.
To learn more, we recommend reading our two guides on how to disable reading confirmation (blue check) and how to hide last access and read confirmation in Whatsapp, so as to get to know the advantages and disadvantages of these choices when we communicate via WhatsApp.


Even if we are a beginner with a smartphone and its apps, we must immediately learn how to find out when and who has read a WhatsApp message, so as to know the meaning of each check, how to retrieve the delivery and reading time and what to do to increase privacy when messaging on WhatsApp.

If we want to deepen all the methods to send messages on WhatsApp, we advise you to read our guide on how to write and send messages on Whatsapp in 11 ways.
Do we want to further protect WhatsApp from accidental readings by other people? We advise you to continue reading on our guide How to protect WhatsApp by blocking password access or how to Activate the fingerprint lock on Whatsapp.


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