Sennheiser TV Clear Set: here are the ideal earphones for those who love to enjoy TV in peace

With the aim of offering a valid support to those who intend to use it to watch their programs and films without disturbing, or having to keep the volume too high, Sennheiser has announced the tws ad hoc “TV Clear Set” earphones.
Sennheiser TV Clear Set: here are the ideal earphones for those who love to enjoy TV in peace

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After the announcements of the Momentum True Wireless 3 with ANC, the German brand Sennheiser has returned to tread the hi-tech stages through the announcement of a new pair of earphones, baptized as TV Clear Set, for sale at a price of 399.90 euros.

The Clear Set TV earphones, suitable for when you want to listen to the sound of your TV without disturbing neighbors and roommates, day or night, are more comfortable than normal over-ear headphones, as they avoid pressure on the temples, and are very light, with a weight of 5.7 grams per unit, which rise to 6.9 grams by mounting the fins in the package. Basically, they are managed by touch controls, for music, hands-free calls, and to adjust the volume: via “TV Clear App” you can customize the listening experience, touches and use the “Find my earphones” function , which relies on their last known location.

Internally, Sennheiser’s Clear Set TVs house 6mm drivers with 20Hz / 20kHz frequency response, 0.5% harmonic distortion (transmitting at 1kHz / 94dB), and sensitivity, at 1kHz / 1mW , equal to 100.5 dB SPL Even without ANC, they isolate from noise based on the form factor, which plugs the ears with rubber pads in various sizes but, nevertheless, have an Ambient Awareness function that lets pass the surrounding sounds or the speaker’s voice, for safety or to talk without taking them out.Whoever is interested in the best listening experience during movies, will be able to take advantage of a special function of these earphones which, focused on medium-high frequencies, will make the more crystalline dialogues, thanks to the 5 levels made available, with an amplification of up to 20 dB.

In the Sennheiser Clear Set TV earphones, the connection with the source takes place via Bluetooth, ideal for connecting the product to tablets, computers and smartphones, but not only.The manufacturer has also made available a transmission dongle, which can be connected to the TV via optical or analog input, capable of enabling low latency wireless transmission.

In terms of smart functions, the TC Clear Seat earphones have automatic stand-by when removed, and restarting playback when worn: this positively affects the autonomy, of 15 hours, with the user who, thanks to the case (dimensioned at 87.8 × 47.5 × 29.2 mm for 49.9 grams, chargeable in Type-C or wireless Qi), it can get another 22 hours, for a total of 37 hours. Always wanting to have a favorable impact on autonomy, it is also possible to use one earphone only at a time (also obtaining the benefit of keeping the other ear free for what is happening around you).

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