Did we particularly like a YouTube video and want to share it on other social networks? Let’s see how to do it on all the most popular apps

Share YouTube videos

On YouTube we can find many funny videos and music videos ready to be shared on other social platforms. As well as being able to share them as simple posts (thus leaving them always present on our wall) we can also share them as Storiesso as to automatically delete them after 24 hours.

In the following guide we will show you how to share a YouTube video on all social networksso we can share a funny moment or a video that we particularly care about with our friends or followers without having to find a method to share individual videos.

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1) Share YouTube videos on Instagram

To share the YouTube video as a Story on Instagram we open the app on our phone, press down on the + icon, go to the bottom of the menu History and press on the white circle icon to use a background image (or to subsequently load an already present photo); by holding down we can also create a small video.

In the History editing screen, press the icon at the top Stickerslet’s press on the sticker Linkpaste the YouTube link inside and press on Fine. After creation we can move the sticker to any position and share the Story by pressing the arrow down and then up Share.

For further information we can read the guide above how to upload photos and stories to Instagram from PC.

2) Share videos from the YouTube app

The simplest and most immediate method for sharing a YouTube video on Instagram and other social networks involves using the YouTube app, using the function Share.

To proceed, open any YouTube video, press the button at the bottom Share and choose one of the compatible apps (Your Facebook groups o Facebook News Section).

By pressing the button Other del menu Share we can also select voices Direct on Instagram, WhatsApp o Telegram.

If the video is too long to be shared on other social networks, you can cut it directly within the YouTube app by opening the video, pressing Clipcutting the interested part and sharing only that, thus avoiding having to upload videos that are too long for other social networks.

On this topic we can read our guide on how to cut parts of videos on YouTube and share them.

3) Share YouTube videos with Hootsuite

If we want to share a YouTube video on multiple social networks at the same time we can rely on a service like Hootsuitealso available as an app for Android e iPhone.

The service provides direct integration with all our most famous social networks (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, X/Twitter), providing a simple and effective tool for sharing a YouTube video on various social networks. To proceed, let’s sign up to Hootsuite, associate all the social media accounts we manage (including those of Pages) and, in the field in which to share a new post, insert the YouTube link, select the social networks on which to share it and press on Publish.

Messages can also be scheduled, so they can be shared at a later time or in specific time slots. To learn more we can read our guide on how to automatically post to all social networks together.


The methods we have collected in this guide are the only ones that allow content creators or simple users to share a YouTube video on Instagram, TikTok or other social networks without having to first download the video (which YouTube does not allow) and repost it.

Integration with Instagram, Facebook and messaging apps is very good, but in order to also involve TikTok and other social networks it is necessary to use social aggregators such as Hootsuite.

To learn more we can read our guides on how to go live video on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube together and on the best app to create viral singing and dancing videos similar to TikTok.


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