Share passwords securely with Proton Pass

In April 2023, the Swiss company known for its Proton Mail and Proton VPN services, released an innovative password manager open source called Proton Pass. Becoming accessible to all users at the end of June, Proton Pass helps protect your online identity. Now Proton Pass It further extends its features by allowing users to share passwords and credentials securely.

Secure Password Sharing: How to share passwords securely with Proton Pass

In today’s interconnected world, the need for share passwords, financial details and other types of confidential information is particularly widespread. Recent research highlighted that 74% of people still share passwords via unencrypted emails or transcribes them onto paper.

The Proton Pass password manager is enriched with a new feature called Secure Password Sharing which allows anyone, both existing and new Proton Pass users, to share personal information without compromising privacy or security. The sharing function is available for both users with free plan than for those who have signed up for a paid plan.

Proton Pass password sharing feature allows users to create vault shared, secure containers accessible only by designated individuals or groups. Everything is fine vault shared is end-to-end encryptedensuring that only authorized users can access information.

When it exchange of credentials takes place between Proton Pass users, sharing is immediate. Anyone who is not registered will receive an email invitation to register a free account on Proton Pass and access the vault shared containing the password stored securely.

Sharing passwords and personal data with Proton Pass

Key features of Secure Password Sharing

A tool like Secure Password Sharingintegrated into Proton Pass, allows you to temporarily share sensitive elements such as phone details credit cards. Once the transaction is completed, the user has the option to revoke access. Simple to set up and manage, it allows members of the same work team or family members to collaborate sharing essential passwords with each other e login credentials.

The changes made to the vault shared come instantly synchronized across all authorized devices, ensuring that users always have the most up-to-date information available.

The system exploits robust cryptographic protocols to ensure exclusive access only to authorized individuals, strengthening both privacy and security. Additionally, you can specify in detail who has access to each vault shared and with what level of privilege.

The multi-platform compatibility causes the vault shared is accessible from various operating systems and devices, offering maximum flexibility and ease of use.

Proton Pass becomes an essential tool on a daily basis

Son Nguyen, head of the Proton Pass project, invites us to imagine safe digital space and shared, usable by professionals and families to collectively access essential data, which however must remain strictly private: banking credentials, credit card numbers, passwords for accessing websites.

Secure Password Sharing it sweeps away all risky practices, still widely used today by a large portion of users, allowing the sharing of confidential data with the highest level of security and trust. “It’s not just a feature, it’s a commitment to our users: we will continue to develop solutions that put their privacy and security first, and we will make them available to everyone, whether they are paid or free users“Nguyen commented.

The novelty of Secure Password Sharing represents an important step in ensuring that the sharing personal information is secure, private but at the same time easily accessible, responding to the growing needs for privacy and security in the digital age. With this new feature, Proton confirms its commitment to providing solutions for privacy online without compromises.


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