Shopping Muse is Mastercard's AI tool for online shopping

L’artificial intelligence it now involves many fields and can also be exploited by less expert users in the field to obtain information on a specific topic or obtain support in a specific activity, from programming to photo editing. The latest news was presented by Mastercard And his name is Shopping Muse.

Shopping Muse is a new tool based on generative AI and helps people with purchases, including through personalized product recommendations. The tool is managed by Dynamic Yielda company that Mastercard itself acquired in 2022. The basic idea of ​​the New York-based company is to “revolutionize the way customers search and discover products within a retailer’s digital catalog“.

With his colloquial languageShopping Muse understands current trends, knows how to analyze them, and is able to answer questions like “What should I wear to a beach wedding?“. As regards the aforementioned personalized recommendations, the AI ​​tool examines the user’s previous purchasing experiences and his questions. Everything is analyzed, click on certain products to take a more in-depth look at items added to your cart. Even purchases in physical stores, if linked to accounts (when the mobile number or email address is provided at the checkout, for example).

Shopping Muse - Dynamic Yield by Mastercard

«Personalization gives people the shopping experiences they want, and AI-driven innovation is the key to unlocking engaging, tailored online shopping», explains the CEO of Dynamic Yield. «By leveraging Shopping Muse’s generative AI, we’re meeting consumer standards and making shopping smarter than ever».

At the moment Shopping Muse is in fase di early access. More information about this can be found on the Dynamic Yield by Mastercard website.


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