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Shorts on YouTube, how to publish them

Short and captivating videos, this seems to be the future of YouTube, which it has implemented in recent months a new content format which is enjoying great success. These are videos in vertical format, extremely original and, in most cases, entertaining, although there is no shortage of informative and educational ones.

Making them successful requires talent, creativity and skill. Uploading them to the platform is very simple, as they require a minor editing intervention compared to the classic video contents that are published on the platform and since the process can be carried out from different devices: smartphones supported by the iOS or Android operating system and tablets. Let’s find out how to do it in just a few clicks and get to know the Shorts in detail.

  • 1. Shorts, the YouTube content loved by users

    Shorts are the short format of YouTube, which with this type of content launches the challenge to other social platforms that offer video content and tries to re-establish its primacy. They are simple videos to make, edit and publish and for this reason they allow everyone to get involved, even those who are not creator professionals.

    Con YouTube Shorts millions of people create, edit and share their works, interacting with users from all over the world. The necessary tools are few: creativity, originality and a mobile device, preferably a latest generation smartphone with good camera quality.

    Shorts have some great advantages and allow you to obtain excellent resultsin terms of views and subscriber growth, in a very short time.

    They have a duration of maximum 60 seconds and can consist of trends, dance challenges, challenges and much more. You can use your phone both to record the Shorts and to publish them and make some changes thanks to the precious tools made available by the platform. You can add filters, subtitles, merge multiple clips or increase and decrease the speed.

    YouTube also provides songs or audio clips that you can use in your content to make it unique.

    The Shorts, once published, are visible in a particular section of YouTube: the Shorts tab, which can be accessed from the platform home page or from the home page of your channel. The creators who are part of the Program Partner they can use them to obtain income.

  • 2. How to upload Shorts from your personal computer

    To upload the Shorts from your personal computer you need to log in to YouTube Studio with your credentials and, at the top right, click Crea and then select Upload Video. Select the content you want to create from the gallery of your device, paying careful attention to the duration of the video, which must not exceed 60 seconds, and its dimensions, which must be square and vertical.

    Enter a title for the video, a description to ensure that the algorithm is able to suggest the content in a relevant way. By clicking Edit draft you can fill in and change the details of the video before publishing and change the settings. click on Load to publish the content.

  • 3. How to upload Shorts from Android devices

    To upload a Short to YouTube from your Android device, access the platform with your credentials, click on (+) button in the center of the screen and select Short. Click the record button or icon Galleria. Select content from your camera roll.

    The uploaded video appears in an editor. Here you can make changes and change the start and end times of the content. All excess parts, which exceed 60 seconds, are not displayed in the editor. If the video exceeds this duration, click Edit in a Short and reduce within permitted limits.

    Once the interventions have been carried out, click on Fine and, if you do not want to add more clips, on the white tick. Apply other elements such as texts, filters, effects, music, audio or other elements and click Avanti.

    Click next and add a description, content title, other details and select your privacy settings. Once finished, proceed with publishing by pressing on Load.

  • 4. How to upload Shorts from iPhone and iPad

    Anyone who uses an iPhone or iPad can load Short on YouTube similarly to those who own Android devices. Connect to YouTube and log in with your credentials. click on (+), and then up Short. Select the video from the gallery.

    Videos that do not exceed 60 seconds they are shown directly in a clipping editor to be able to select the start and end times of the content.

    For videos longer than 60 seconds, click Edit in a Short and reduce the duration within the permitted limits. Click on white tick to access the screen where you can add texts, filters, music, audio and much more.

    Click Next to enter the video title, a description, any hashtags, and to adjust privacy and target audience settings. click on Load.

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