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Siri features you can use right away

Sirithe very famous Apple virtual assistanthas gained a lot of additional features over the years that can be used to access any feature of the operating system.

Simply using voiceIndeed, the user will be able to issue different commands to their iPhone which will activate the respective one iOS functionalitysimplifying the use of your device.

Let’s find out some of Siri’s more particular commands.

  • 1. Manage your iPhone using Siri

    Siri allows you to make the most of all the potential of Apple devicesintegrating perfectly with the operating system and its features.

    Using the classic formula “Hey Sirirestart (or turn off) my iPhone”, the voice assistant can carry out the execution of the requested command without the user having to press the appropriate button to turn off. The command also works for turn on airplane mode.

    Another of the possible uses will allow the program to remember the different passwords saved on the device, such as, for example, that of Netflix.

    Among the possibilities of this tool, in fact, there is also that of saving passwords and login credentials using the appropriate one apple password manager already integrated into every iPhone, iPad or Mac. A decidedly convenient function that allows, first of all, not to have to remember all the access keys from memory and then, obviously, to keep them in the iPhone safe.

    What’s more, Siri is able to deactivate the energy saving mode, set a volume for the multimedia contents in playback, change device settings, call a number in your address book and more. The important thing is to use the now famous formula “Hey Siri”.

    Simply put, the Cupertino company’s program is capable of use all features of the device in use, the user will therefore only need his voice and the command to be given.

  • 2. Siri commands for productivity

    Siri also allows you to add items to lists o create a new text note. For the first function, for example, it can be used to create a shopping list using only the voice. In the second case, however, it can be an excellent solution for taking notes while your hands are busy with other operations.

    These two features are also useful while driving and you can’t use your own phone.

    Also for productivity Siri manages to provide the user with concrete help for many of the most common activities from writing notes to using ChatGPT.

    Another very useful feature of the virtual assistant for iPhone that concerns productivity is Integration with ChatGPT. Clearly, it is not a chatbot and if the user needs more articulated and complete answers, it is possible to connect it with ChatGPT, although obviously an account will be needed OpenAI and using the API access token to make requests.

    To be honest, the official application for iOS is still under development but, according to rumors, it will already be even more integrated with Apple’s voice assistant and its features in the next versions

    Siri can also be used for the application Find my device developed by Apple that allows you to find your personal devices, including computers, tablets and earphones of the famous brand. Also in this case the procedure is the same and after the formula “Hey Siri”just ask where a particular device is so it can show the map on the screen.

  • 3. More voice assistant features

    There are many features of Siri that it can also be used with Third party apps “training” the voice assistant to perform certain functions.

    If the user uses Apple CarPlaySiri may be able to help you find your whereabouts parked the car accessing the last detected position before the connection with the vehicle was lost.

    Once this is done, the user will be able to see the exact location on Apple Maps and reach your vehicle as soon as possible.

    Siri isn’t always good at understanding names, so there will be a need to train the assistant so that it can understand the commands that are given to it.

    Doing it is simple and just communicate with him explaining things in detail. For example it is possible establish ties with other people so that the program can recognize users not only by name.

    To do this, you can set them labels to your contacts explaining to the voice assistant what kind of relationship there is with a person (for example wife, husband, child, etc.) so that it can learn to recognize even more generic commands such as “Hey Siri is calling my wife“.

    Of course you can apply a different label to any contact so they can be recognized more immediately.

    Finally, it is good to remember that some third party applications they can be integrated with Siri so that the software performs functions “external” to the iPhone but still within its possibilities.

    To do this, just teach how to use voice commands called shortcuts which can hook up to individual applications, such as the bank, for example, and help the user carry out a transaction using the voice.

    These are commands that need some training from the voice assistant, but in the settings it is possible to set the various shortcuts and commands to be executed when a specific formula is pronounced.

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