Sit stand desk converter: how to work with greater comfort

Sit stand desk converter: how to work with greater comfort

And desktop converter is a device designed to allow a traditional desk to be used in both a sitting and standing position. Also known as sit stand desk converterthis item is particularly popular in work environments where the benefits of vary your posture during the working day. It is also widely used when you often find yourself switching, due to the activity carried out, from a sitting to a standing position (and vice versa) when using the computer, mouse and keyboard.

The ICA-LCD 302 Adjustable Height Ultra Slim Sit Stand Desk Converter and the ICA-LCD 303 Sit Stand Desk Converter with Gas Spring and Keyboard Tray allow you to transform your desk in an ergonomic location. In fact, it becomes easy and immediate to alternate the sitting position with the standing position.

The usefulness of these converters is recognized by experts and meets the needs of those who find themselves in spend many hours in front of a PC. By reducing the risks of problems related to a sedentary lifestyle, desk converters promote the improvement of blood circulation and ensure, at the same time, greater flexibility in the configuration of the workspace.

Sit Stand Desk converter Techly

Correct balance between sitting and standing positions during the working day

The ICA-LCD 302 desktop converter offers an innovative solution for those looking for the right balance between sitting position is that erect when carrying out work activities in front of the computer.

Ultra Slim Sit Stand Desk Converter

It is an ultra thin object that can easily fit on any desk, allowing you to adjust the height quickly and conveniently thanks to the coil spring mechanism. When fully folded, the slim profile of just 45 mm allows the converter to merge with the desk, reducing bulk and visual impact. Six o’clock height settings among which you can choose, allow for easy adaptation and reduce pressure on the neck, shoulders and back. There resistant construction in MDF e steel guarantees years of problem-free use.

Desktop converter for the most demanding users, with counterbalanced gas spring

And sit stand desk converter like the one presented in the previous paragraph, it adapts to most user needs by accommodating both systems notebook what large monitors connected with computer desktop.

However, the ICA-LCD 303 desktop converter is aimed at the most demanding users: it is in fact expressly designed for those who want arrange multiple devices on the work surface and interact with each of them simultaneously.

Desk converter with keyboard tray

This model is equipped with a counterbalanced gas spring which allows for smooth and quick height adjustment. The product, marketed by Techly, makes the desk one workstation useful for using the PC both standing and sitting. The ICA-LCD 303 model expand the surface available to the user and also integrates a convenience for smartphones and tablets: it keeps the devices always within reach. The sturdy X-shaped structure and the melamine-finished chipboard panel guarantee impact resistance and durability over time.

The converter also offers the possibility of installing a monitor arm with through screw and simplifies the cable management for optimal organization of the workstation.

Ergonomic solutions for a comfortable workstation

Both converters offer an ergonomic solution that favors one healthy posture and anti-fatigue. Height adjustment is easy and quick, it adapts to various heights and therefore helps to best respond to each specific user need.

Computer work posture

The thin profile, both in the ICA-LCD 302 model and in the ICA-LCD 303 model, reduces clutter on the desk and integrates perfectly into the work environment.

Con Techly, it is easy to create a workstation that helps protect your health, promotes comfort and organizes your desk. By opting between the Sit Stand Ultra Slim ICA-LCD 302 desk converter and the Sit Stand desk converter with gas spring ICA-LCD 303, it is possible to choose the most suitable solution: in the first case the converter has dimensions equal to 670 x 470 x 45 ~ 405 mm; in the second it rises to 800 x 615 x 110 ~ 505 mm with the work surface measuring 800 x 400 x 16 mm.

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