Sites and apps to find flyers with promotions

Want to check all flyer offers in one place? Let’s find out in this guide the best sites and apps for flyers

Flyers Flyers are promotional sheets distributed by large electronics chains or supermarkets to show customers in the area the beginning of a promotional period or of deep discounts, so as to entice them to come to the store to spend.

Collecting all the flyers and comparing the prices will allow you to save a lot of money and to know well in advance the beginning of a promotional period (an out all or the beginning of sales) so that you can buy what interests us at the right time.

Unfortunately, many flyers do not make it home or we are too far away to be covered by the service. If we really want to save and keep track of all the flyers in this guide we will find the best sites and apps to find flyers online for any store or supermarket, even in the case of local offers (limited to a city, area or single point of sale).

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1) DoveConviene

One of the best sites and apps that we can use to find flyers with offers is DoveConveni.
DoveConviene The site offers free browsing of hundreds of digital flyers; there are all the largest electronics chains and supermarkets of large distribution, so you can choose well where to go and where to save. In addition to national flyers, we can restrict the search for flyers to a specific city by inserting the name of the city or the postcode at the top right, so as to have access to local flyers (if available).

The site also offers handy apps, so you can browse the flyers even on the move; apps can be downloaded for free on Android phones and iPhones.

2) Flyer Easy

A very famous site where you can find any type of flyer for offers is VolantinoFacile.
Easy flyer The large amount of flyers available nationally and locally is already clearly visible in the home page. At the top of the site we can choose the category of flyers to view, while with the bar at the top it will be possible both to search for individual products and to search for specific flyers, shops, supermarkets for the area in which we live.

VolantinoFacile can also be viewed from mobile by downloading the free app for Android and iPhone.

3) Tiendeo

If we are looking for any kind of flyer a good site to check is Tiendeo.
Tending Here we will find a large number of flyers, including discount stores and specialty stores, so you can always find the best offer for your area. The search bar at the top will help us find both a shop and a particular flyer, with the possibility of narrowing the search to your city with the item available at the top.

As for other services, it is possible to download the dedicated apps for Android and iPhone, so as to continue the search for new flyers when we are away from home.

4) PromoHere

Among the sites to find online flyers with promotions, we could not fail to mention PromoQui as well.
PromoHere There are many different flyers on this site, also related to sectors where it is difficult to receive a flyer at home unless you subscribe to a specific service. The layout is excellent, with the categories of flyers on the right side of the site, the latest news on the left and a search bar at the top to search for any useful information.

By entering the name of our city or the post code we can make the search even more targeted, showing only the flyers available in the area where we live.

PromoQui provides handy mobile apps, which can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

5) Last price

Another site where we can check the flyers of large retailers is Ultimoprezzo.
Last price The site selects the best offers in supermarkets, shopping malls and various shops by comparing the flyers and offers of dedicated websites, so that you can immediately find the opportunity and buy many technological products (televisions, PCs, smartphones etc. ).

The site also offers the possibility to see other interesting sections such as the Under cost, the shops open on Sunday, the discount codes to be used online and the prices of the outlets, so you always know when the offers we want arrive. We can narrow the search to a city by using the search bar at the top or by browsing the categories available on the side, so you can search for any interesting product without getting lost among the offers.

Unfortunately this site does not currently offer downloadable apps on mobile, but we can visit the site via any web browser for Android (such as Google Chrome) or via Safari on the iPhone.

6) FlyerWEB

Among the sites that show digital flyers for numerous stores and large-scale distribution chains we also point out VolantinoWEB.
FlyerWEB On this site we will always see the latest digital flyers distributed in print or digitally, with the ability to choose your favorite category in the left sidebar and visit one of the categories on the site (Tips to save, News and curious purchases). Once you have found the flyer we are interested in, just click on it to start browsing it from your PC; alternatively we can download it in PDF format so you can read it calmly.

VolantinoWEB also offers a handy app for Android devices, which can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.


Checking the flyers from your PC or smartphone is really simple and will allow you to keep everything under control even on the move, without having to wait for the paper flyer to arrive. Most sites offer scans of paper flyers, but others have access to the real digital flyer and collect them all together so you can browse them from one device.

If we really want to save on purchases, it is worthwhile to learn all of them right away tricks to save in online stores and use the phone as a real “savings hub” by installing the app to compare prices online.


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