Sites for cutting and cropping images and photos

Best free online editors on the internet to crop photos (cut) or cut a part of the image (crop)

Crop photos online For most users it is not necessary to have all the tools available with a professional photo editing program like Photoshop in order to cut a photo (cuti.e. to remove a part) or crop the photo (cropi.e. to select only the part of the image that you want to keep), so as to export it as a new image.

This type of operation can only be done using web applications hosted on free sites that do not require registration, where it is simple cut and crop photos saved on your PC or phone.

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1) Adobe Express

Adobe Express The best site for cutting and cropping photos online is Adobe Express, accessible directly online and totally free.

To proceed we open the site, press on Upload your photowe load the photo to be cut, we use the contours present in the photo to crop it and finally we press on Download.

At this point the site will ask for access to the service (completely free). For this purpose we can use both the Google account and the Apple account or, alternatively, use a valid email address to create a new account.

2) BeFunky Editor

BeFunky Editor Another very simple editor to use for cutting parts of photos is offered by the site BeFunky.

On this site we will be able to upload photos and images in any format and directly use the commands to crop only part of the image, thus obtaining a new photo to download into the device’s memory.

In the screen that opens after loading the photo we choose the type of cropping to carry out, carry out a manual cropping (to extract only some elements of the photo) and finally press on Save -> Computer to save the photo locally.

3) Photo

Photo Photo Editor is the web application that integrates most of the quick photo editing tools, which can also be used by beginners.

By uploading our image to the site we can immediately cut it using the presets present in the left part of the editor screen (1×1, 3×2 etc.) or use the selection corners directly on the selector present inside the photo, thus choosing which part to cut and what image size to keep.

To save the photo, simply press the button Download and choose in which folder to save the new cropped photo.

4) Croppola

Croppola is one of the best sites for crop photos online.

From this website we will be able to upload one or more photographs together and automatically receive suggestions on how to crop the photo, so as to exclude the useless part and keep the part that is most congenial to us.

The options allow you to maintain the aspect ratio of the image which can be cropped to be square, 4:3, 3:2, 16:9 and more. There is also the possibility of cutting out an image to then use for the cover of the Facebook diary.

We talked about this site in the article on how Edit photos online in an advanced way.

5) Canva

Canva Another website with a good editor to cut any type of image is Canva.

From this site we will be able to quickly access the tool designed to crop a part of the photo in an “oval” style (perfect as profile picture on Instagram or on other sites) or choose whether to resize it, rotate it or apply a “mirror effect”, so as to create new images for social media or WhatsApp.

Once you have finished making changes, simply use the button Save to save a local copy of the image you just edited.

6) PhotoScissors

PhotoScissors PhotoScissors is a very useful and incredibly precise web application that allows you to cut backgrounds from photosthus leaving only the subject in the foreground.

Using this site we will therefore be able to remove elements or people that stand out against a uniform background, obtaining a new image where only the person is present (without background), ready to be added to other photos or used for fun on social media or in apps messaging.

We had already talked about this service in the article on how delete objects from photos by removing elements and people from the image.

7) PhotoKit Cutout

PhotoKit Cutout
Another very useful service for cutting and cropping images and photos is PhotoKit Cutoutaccessible for free.

To get started, just press on Start Editingupload the photo we want to cut, choose the tool below Cutoutdraw the outline you want to extract from the photo on the image, confirm and check the final effect.

If the cut was successful, just press on the bottom right Apply and save the cut photo on your computer by pressing at the top Savechoosing the destination folder.

8) iLoveIMG

iLoveIMG Another interesting site for cropping images and photographs is iLoveIMG.

In a simple and clear interface we will have numerous tools available to crop any photo, manually choosing the crop size or using the selectors present within the image itself.

Once the changes are completed, we will be able to choose whether to save the file locally, whether to save it on a personal cloud service or whether to share it directly on social media, via email or chat.


If we don’t want or can’t install a photo editing program for effectively crop photos we can use dei without problems sites suitable for the purposeso you can crop, extrapolate from images or cut part of the useless photos.

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If instead we want to use a free photo editing program on our computer, we can continue reading on our article at The best free programs for photo editing and graphics.

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