Sites for making personalized and unique gifts for any event

We never know what to give for birthdays or events? Let’s see together how to create a one-of-a-kind personalized gift

Personalized gifts

Those who never have ideas for birthday gifts or gifts to give for special events (graduations, promotions, retirements, anniversaries, etc.) can rely on some online sites to make personalized and unique gifts, thus distinguishing themselves from the usual gifts already seen and reviewed and giving something that the recipient won’t easily forget.

In this list, we try to find out the best sites that we can use for sites to make personalized and unique gifts for any eventpointing out those that allow you to send objects to any part of Italy.

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1) Amazon boxes

Amazon could be an excellent choice to make an alternative and original gift, using i Gift boxes.

These boxes have a shape and colors inspired by the main events in life (birthdays, graduations, anniversaries) and we can also choose unique and fun shapes (balloons, baby box, suitcase-shaped box, etc.).

Inside the box it is possible insert an Amazon voucher with any amount of your choiceso as to make a much appreciated gift to friends, relatives and acquaintances who use Amazon for online purchases.

To learn more we can read our guide on how to give an Amazon voucher as a giftwhere there is also a session dedicated to redeeming the vouchers we have given away (useful if we have never done it before).

In addition to the boxes we can also give gifts Handmade products from Amazonexcellent for giving something unique to a special person.

2) Etsy

Another valid site for making personalized and unique gifts for any event is Etsya point of reference for small gifts dedicated to a specific person, a special friend or partner.

Key rings, portraits, personalized line drawings, plaques with personalized songs, vinyl records, fantasy rings, caskets with plants and special frames, modern art, personalized collectibles and much more are available on the site.

In addition to being able to buy unique gifts, Etsy also allows you to sell, in case you want to sell something exotic or something unique; to sell we can also read our guide on best sites to sell used items on the internet.

3) Snapfish

To give objects with our photos or with a precise image printed on the surface we can rely on a personalized print site such as Snapfish.

On this site we can obtain common prints (in various sizes) but also request the printing of photo books, photo furnishings, tickets, mugs, phone covers and photo calendars, thus creating a unique and unmissable gift for any type of event or for a special person present in our life.

To learn more we can read our guide on how to print photos on personalized objects (posters, mugs, paintings, cushions).

4) Vistaprint

Another valid site that we can use to make personalized and unique gifts is Vistaprintone of the best sites for poster or large sheet printing but also with an entire session dedicated to personalized gifts.

In the specific section we find mugs, photos on canvas, photo albums of any type and size, desk calendars, acrylic blocks, wall calendars, various interior decorations, photos on panels, cushions, blankets, plaids, t-shirts and prints on aluminium.

5) Yoursurprise

Among the best sites to get the perfect and one-of-a-kind gift we find Yoursurprisea true point of reference for personalized and unique gifts to give at any event.

By opening this site we will be able to access a vast selection of customizable gifts with packages of sweets, mugs, t-shirts, toys, selection of wines and sparkling wines, hats, soft toys, cutlery, glasses, barbecue sets, slippers, carpets and much more.


Giving a unique and impossible to imitate gift is not easy but, if we succeed, we will definitely impress the person who receives our personalized giftwhich will recognize our effort to do something unique and different from all the other gifts received (whatever the event celebrated).

To learn more we can read our ai guides sites to buy online and give gifts via the internet come on how to give last minute gifts without shipping.

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