Sites that waste more time at work and in the office

What are the sites that waste the most time because you never get tired of looking at them

Time wasting sites Looking into a modern office, we will surely find people intending to spy on those around you, someone probably works seriously and all day long, someone else is surfing the Internet looking for solutions to problems and news (reading

But how long does this famous “work break” last? Every worker (managers and interns, office workers, maintenance workers, self-employed and presidents) is entitled to a break and we all we love wasting time at work thinking about something else. The Internet is formidable in this, you start looking at something and, without realizing it, all the time allotted for the break has passed (and even more).

To understand closely the origin of everything we will show you in this guidethe 10 most visited sites at workto pass or waste time, for pleasure, for passion, for habit or who knows for what other reason. READ ALSO -> Sites for doing useful and productive things online every day

1) Facebook

The most visited site in offices is Facebookeven if by now it is so well blocked by system administrators that it is inaccessible from the company’s internal network (perhaps only the VPN services can go around the blocks, while still leaving traces of the passage).

At a business level, Facebook has incredible potential, especially for providing tailored advertising messages for people who visit Facebook (right now, aged 30 and over). Blocking Facebook altogether is therefore wrong, since it could be used by the marketing department to launch a product or service.

2) WhatsApp

Since WhatsApp can be integrated as desktop application it can become another valid source of distraction, especially when it is used to open private chats and non-work related groups.

WhatsApp can be used to communicate with colleagues or with those who are not present in the office, so, fortunately, it is never blocked but PCs could be monitored to prevent abuse, as seen in the guide on how to spy whatsapp.

3) TikTok

The app and site of TikTok they are really made to waste time, as the videos are played one after another and we don’t realize how much time actually passes.
Inevitably, TikTok it is almost always effectively blocked by corporate filters: The only way to use the app is to go over the cellular data network and hope not to be seen or caught.

On the TikTok app we can read our guide on how to use TikTok on PC.

4) Instagram

Instagram is another site that has become synonymous with time wasters, since it is possible browse photos of celebrities, see comments and posts and new tastes in fashionfood and places to visit for the holidays.

As with Facebook, Instagram too is usually not accessible on company networks, but nothing prevents you from turning off the Wi-Fi and browsing the dedicated app using the mobile network.

On Instagram, we advise you to read the guide on how to connect facebook and instagram profiles.

5) YouTube

YouTube is the site where you see videos from all over the world, see funny movieslisten to some songs and follow content from your favorite YouTubers.

Many times small groups of people form in offices, where they leave to use YouTube for work and end up laughing at the latest funny videos posted online, even more so now that the YouTube Shorts.

Of course, YouTube is also blocked by companiesnot only the intransigent ones, given the high entertainment power of the site and the contents offered.

6) ChatGPT

Artificial intelligence has forcefully entered all offices with ChatGPT. This phrase generator can help just about any employee to program code, create advertising campaigns and to write everything down with absolute precision, taking away much of the mental work.

Become a real drug, as well as “work for us”: given the potential, more and more companies have decided to block access to the AI ​​chat, considering it “too convenient for employees who don’t know how to use their heads”.

On the subject we can read our guides on how to use ChatGPT for creative, useful and fun purposes and on Chrome extensions to keep ChatGPT always ready at your disposal.

7) eBay e Amazon

People in the office think nothing but business, but that of the next online purchase! eBay and Amazon are the most used e-commerce sites in the world and it really becomes a stimulus for everyone to search for products or items sold at a much lower price than normal, taking advantage of Amazon discounts or eBay auctions.

Above all what wastes time are the auctions that force even the busiest executives to interrupt crucial meetings in order to score an iPhone at half the price. Many then have their online store on eBay, buy and sell making discrete profits and you can’t really blame them.

On e-commerce sites we can read our article at app to compare prices and save on every purchase or expense.

8) e e they are the most read online newspapers, in the morning, when you arrive at the office and turn on your computer and then, even after lunch.

Certainly at this point we can also name other important online newspapers, such as those seen in our articles on how to read newspapers online from smartphone for free and on top news sites, front pages, headlines and newspapers.

9) instead it is the most visited sports site on monday mornings and after every cup football matchconsidering that we often chat with colleagues about football and the latest league games.

Watching the sports news to distract oneself is the most innocent and pleasant pastime that exists for a man and is often tolerated, especially if done before the start of the work shift; in this regard we can also read our article on how to read free online sites and newspapers on iPhone and Android.

10) Online games

The online games they are a real drug and are not tolerated in any way: whoever gets caught behind these online games probably also risks being fired.

For those who don’t know them, browser games are strategic or RPG games, with elementary graphics and elements based on the passing of time, otherwise you won’t move forward.

For example, you build your farm and it takes one hour and 33 minutes to regenerate your crop; after an hour and a half so I have to reconnect and build another thing in order not to lose ground against my opponents.

Continuing like this in the game, if you also challenge yourself with other people online, the involvement risks exceeding the limits and becomes a real parallel work.

11) Job posting sites

At work, one of the favorite activities to do is look for another jobperhaps with a higher salary or with fewer hours worked per week.

The curriculum is written only once, then it is corrected but often, in many recruiting sites, it has to be rewritten from scratch, filling in many fields and you also have to write a suitable cover letter to impress the recruiter. Even looking for the right one among the many (not too many I must say) announcements published by companies requires attention and concentration.

To help us in this purpose we can read our guides to rules for a perfect Curriculum and mistakes not to be made come on how to send your resume and write your CV to apply.

12) Email sites

The sites of Gmail e Outlook they are essential for working and keeping in touch, but they should not be used for personal purposes that have nothing to do with work, since it takes up time for other activities to be carried out or company emails to be answered with top priority.

In general, checking the mail every half hour is certainly a distracting extra activity: better to use extensions for reporting new incoming mail a configurationapp Posta are Windows for the purpose.


Those seen above are certainly the sites that waste the most time at work and in the officealthough many of them could be used to increase business productivity to levels never seen before.

Off the charts we could include many other types of activities: from those purely for pastime funny sites with jokes up to those who own a blog that updates daily.

Finally, I remind you that those who have the tedious task of monitoring everything that happens and reporting violations, we suggest you read our guides on how log and monitor the activities on each other’s computers.

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