Sites to buy online and give gifts on the internet

Best sites to buy gifts on the internet that also ship to Italy, full of offers for all types of products, clothing, and electronics.

Online gifts
There are those who have a lot of fun giving gifts but there are also those who experience the Christmas moment a bit like stress, precisely because of the duty to buy gifts for friends and relatives so as to please everyone. Before diving headlong into shopping we must have a clear picture of what to give, and only then move around the shops in search of the right gift at the right price.Instead of wandering around the city and shopping malls, we can use the Internet and the many shops available online to buy and give gifts, often spending much lower amounts. In this guide, we will show you the best shops to buy and give gifts online just arm yourself with a credit card or a prepaid card with the right amount to immediately start shopping for gifts for everyone.

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Buying online VS buying live: which one to choose

Buying a gift for someone or for yourself in a physical store (mall or shop) allows you to see the product live and maybe even try it (if it is clothing or a product already working in the store such as a TV on), but now all websites offer a complete overview of all products with numerous photos from every angle and even live (or 3D version) shots, so we can see any object as if it were really present in front of us.

By relying on the big stores on the Internet, we will always have maximum guarantees on the reliability and punctuality of shipments as well as security in payments, without forgetting the possibility of obtaining returns and refunds (which is not always feasible live, already to be discussed a lot with the seller).

Most of the sites that we have included in this list have an evaluation system (feedback) with which we can immediately see the goodness of the chosen products, with the reviews and evaluations of those who have already purchased the same product (which is impossible to do live!).

Plus for all online shopping sites, payments are made by credit card, prepaid card (PostePay is fine), or via PayPal account with the latter which can be linked to a current account or to any type of credit/debit card (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, etc.).

In another article, we saw how to use PayPal to send and receive payments online.

Best sites to buy gifts online

After seeing the advantages and disadvantages of buying online or live, let’s discover the best shops to buy gifts online from.

1) Amazon


The first site to give a gift online certainly is Amazon a reference point for any online purchase.

Amazon guarantees shipments in a very short time (from 1 to 3 days, with the possibility of obtaining same-day shipping or in a few hours in some large Italian cities) with competitive prices, dedicated offers, lightning offers and categories for all types of products.

Con Amazon Prime we can access shorter and always free shipping times, preview offers and many other additional services; we remind you that without Amazon Prime we must exceed € 39 in order not to pay for shipments.

For each product a certain number of reviews is available (if it has already been purchased), complete with a star rating: the more stars a product has, the greater the reliability and quality of the same.

Amazon’s only flaw is that it does not accept PayPal as an official payment method: we must enter the credit card or prepaid card data directly into our account so that we can use it to pay for all the goods. Is there any unofficial method for using PayPal on Amazon as seen in our guide on how to pay on Amazon with Paypal or a current account?

2) eBay


eBay is the best-known online trading site in the world and one of the best to use to buy online without risk.

Started as an auction site for private objects, it has become a real mega store in recent years with many products to buy immediately, often very discounted and timed offers, very useful for immediately buying items with a strong discount. On eBay, there are many professional sellers who work as if they were normal shops, only the showcase is online!

The rating system offered by the site is really effective, we can immediately recognize reliable professional sellers thanks to badges and logos provided by eBay only to honest sellers and with a large sales volume (with successful transactions without problems), complete with fast shipping and practices throughout Italy (often also free).

eBay supports PayPal and it is the most effective method to pay on this platform, having included the customer protection system on any amount spent (we can get your money back in case of problems of any kind).

3) AliExpress


If we want to buy from China at the lowest prices we will have to rely on the site AliExpress a reference point for purchases from the Far East.

We can really find everything at discounted prices, but we have to take into account the possibility of paying customs for shipping combined with not very fast shipping times (at least with the cheapest methods).

We talked about it in depth in our article on how to buy on AliExpress (Alibaba) in Italy at the lowest prices.

4) Etsy


Etsy is an American website that can also be used from Italy to buy original products online that cannot be found anywhere else.

Etsy is in fact the portal that allows everyone to create their own online store for free, where they can sell things that have been created and produced by those who sell them. Therefore, there are not only professional shops but there are many local sellers especially of handicraft and art products, unique handmade and non-industrial pieces.

5) Gearbest


Gearbest is the site where you can buy mobile phones, tablets, and other items from Chinese manufacturers, with shipments directly from China (although many stores have warehouses in Europe).

The site is in Italian, it ships from Europe with low shipping costs (even if we have to take customs into account for amounts over € 100) but the quality is really very good, especially if we focus on large Chinese products such as Xiaomi, Huawei, and other well-known brands.

6) Groupon


Groupon Goods is perhaps the most famous site for its discount coupons for restaurants, spas, massages, bars, and much more, but it also offers an interesting section where it sells practically anything.

In addition to giving discount vouchers, we can use Groupon to buy products online at really interesting prices, with targeted offers and fast shipping throughout the national territory.

In another article, we talked about the best Italian sites with discounts, coupons and offers.

Online clothing sites

Among the online clothing sites to buy clothes for men, women and children, there are some excellent sites in Italian that ensure shipping speed and that allow you to try on virtually every garment, with the possibility of sending it back if it does not go well and also ask for the reimbursement.

Among these the best clothing sites to buy or give clothes, shoes and other accessories are:

  • Zalando the very famous site with lots of clothes and accessories;
  • of great quality, with the possibility to see photos of each dress and to choose the right size or measure;
  • with many discounted prices;
  • with beautiful photos on all clothing, where users can comment on each product publicly, even negatives;
  • Lesparigotes an affordable branded clothing store;
  • About You a new store where you can find any fashionable clothing item for men, women and children with discounts every week.

To learn more we can read our guide to the best sites to buy clothes and shoes with free shipping and returns.

Sites to buy electronics and information technology

For purchases of electronics and information technology, all large chains (Mediaworld, Unieuro etc.) have their own online stores to shop and gift without leaving home.

However, there are many other sites that sell electronic and computer products, so doing a comparative research and buying a product at the lowest price available is definitely one of the best moves to do; to make comparisons it is better to rely on the research of what to buy with Google Shopping which lists the main shopping sites with the purchase price or rely on us Find prices.

Among the main Italian sites to buy electronics, mobile phones, computers and other IT items we find:

  • Monclick has always been a point of reference for those looking for electronics, large and small appliances, and IT.
  • ePrice is an excellent site for those who want to buy electronics, information technology, and appliances always at excellent prices.
  • Kelkoo is perhaps the most complete aggregator of stores on the internet that allows you to search for products of any kind from its pages to buy online from the main online stores.

To learn more we can also read our guide to the most reliable Chinese store sites to buy electronics and technology.


Shopping online is now almost as rewarding as shopping live: just open a simple browser and start searching one of the sites listed above to immediately start buying the things we need or give something to friends and family on their birthdays, parties, or anniversaries.

To learn more we can read our guides to Amazon alternatives to buying online and how to find the Online offers and flyers with promotions from shops and shopping centers.


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