Are the prices on Amazon too high for PC parts? Let’s discover other sites specialized in the sale of PC components

PC components Amazon is a reference point for all users who want to assemble a PC starting from scratch and buying all the components necessary for the assembly, but the prices are not always the cheapest available, especially with video cards and motherboards. .

In order to make our future fixed PC (perhaps dedicated to gaming) with all the necessary components at the right price, we will show you in this guide the best sites to buy parts and parts of a PCexcluding from the Amazon list, often the most obvious choice, but not always the best-stocked store when it comes to IT.

All the reported sites offer PayPal as a payment method, deliver the components within a few days and also offer the possibility of using a PC assembled by them with the components indicated in the purchase phase, so as to take advantage of a PC already assembled , without the need to mount them one by one with the risk of making mistakes.

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1) eBay

eBay The first site we recommend using to find cheap PC components is eBay. On this famous online auction site (but which for some time has become a real shop, also offering products sold by large-scale distribution chains) there are thousands of products sold by reliable shopkeepers and covered by the PayPal guarantee, sold in Buy it now and shipped (with shipping prices often free) in a few days (on average 2).

Without a doubt the best alternative to Amazon, even if the prices tend to be in many cases aligned with those available on the famous e-commerce.

2) ePrice

ePrice Another well-stocked store of PC components to assemble is ePrice. This site boasts a huge catalog of components, from CPUs to SSDs, passing through the most beautiful cases and the most desired brands (MSI, Gigabyte, Asus etc.).

EPrice also offers PayPal as a payment method (in addition to direct payment by credit card or prepaid card) and ships all required components within 2-3 days on average. The prices are in line with the competition, but the site often offers timed discounts that we can use to purchase some very expensive components.

3) Monclick

Among the sites specializing in the sale of electronics and computers, there is certainly Monclickwhich also offers a great selection of PC components and gaming accessories at competitive prices.

The site accepts PayPal as a payment method (in addition to credit or debit cards), offers the optional assembly service (we choose the components, they ship the finished PC to your home) and ship the parts available in stock very quickly. (if you have to book, the wait could be a little longer).

4) newegg

newegg Another site specializing in the sale of only PC components, pre-assembled and portable PCs is neweggworld leader in the sector, which also sells in Italy (via warehouse in Germany).

We will be able to check the shopping done at any time thanks to the shopping cart at the top right, so we know how much our future PC will cost once assembled with all the chosen pieces. It supports PayPal among the payment methods (but also credit card, prepaid and bank transfer) and ships very quickly and quickly.

5) Dragon

dragon Among the best sites specialized in the sale of gaming PCs, gaming components and office PC components we also point out Drako.itwith one of the best catalogs available in Italy, very competitive prices and everything you need to have a complete PC at home in a few simple steps.

This site also supports PayPal among the payment methods, offers an online chat system to communicate directly with one of the experts in the sector; fast deliveries in any area of ​​Italy, so as not to wait too long for your new PC.

6) Xidax

xidax Are we looking for an international site specialized in the construction of a PC by assembling the various pieces and which can also ship to Italy? Then we advise you to visit the Xidax site, where we can find a vast catalog with all the hardware needed to build any type of PC or Workstation.

On this site we also find PC configurations ready and optimized for gaming, with the possibility of choosing the type of computer (fixed or notebook) or the components to add with respect to the initial configuration, so as to build the PC tailored to our games. or for work.

7) Tivoli Computer Center

tiburcc Among the most “spartan” sites where to buy PC components it certainly stands out Tivoli Computer Centerwhere we will find many components at very competitive prices, with the possibility of creating a single cart and assembling the PC in the shortest possible time, thanks to very fast and concentrated shipments in the least possible number of packages (so as to have everything in a few days).

As for the other sites treated, this one also supports PayPal as a method of payment for goods.
Tivoli Computer Center.

8) Compushop

compushop Definitely one of the most spartan sites we have visited for the sale of electronic components and PCs, but with the absolute lowest prices on the Web (even if there are always shipping costs) is Compushop.

We can create our cart of components among all those offered in the large catalog available, pay with PayPal (the main payment method accepted by the online store), wait for the order to be processed (usually 5-6 days, but also 10 in case of gaming PC or with many components) and finally receive everything at home within 24 hours by express courier.

9) And Informatica

AKinformatica Among the best Italian sites for the purchase of ready-to-use components for PCs and gaming computers we find And Informatica. This site has a clear and simple interface, with featured offers and the best discounted components immediately available; for those looking for a specific product, they can use both the Categories menu and the search bar at the top.

This site accepts credit cards and bank transfers for payments and also allows you to pay for purchases made in financing (only by crediting your current account). Excellent shipping service by express courier with a fixed cost of € 8 (except for particularly bulky packages).

10) VGinformatics

VGinformatics Another Italian site to buy ready-to-use components for PCs and computers is VGinformatics. With this site we will have access to virtually any electronic component sold online, with the ability to book components not yet available and receive a notification (also via WhatsApp) when the order has been fulfilled or when a particular component is ready for purchase. .

The site supports PayPal for payments, but we can also use bank transfers and credit cards to pay the amount due; the site also offers the possibility of establishing a loan for the purchase of the most expensive components or computers.

Shipping costs are free for amounts over € 600, but only if we pay by bank transfer or by financing.


There is no shortage of sites where you can buy PC components at the best price and many are also Italian: in fact we are talking about electronics stores or computer stores that manage their own personal site where to sell the components, using secure payment methods (such as PayPal or wire transfers) and very fast express couriers in deliveries.

In addition to the small computer shops we also find e-commerce giants such as eBay, ePrice and Monclickall excellent alternatives to Amazon for online purchases.

To learn more we can read our guides on how build yourself a perfect PC to buy on Amazon e le better alternatives to Amazon.


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