Sites to know all about Coronavirus, free, with the latest news, numbers and statistics

The best sites to follow the latest Coronavirus news, free and without subscriptions, reliable, with updated statistics

follow coronavirus news Today everyone talks about the Coronavirus, on social networks, in chats and on websites, we check the statistics of how many people are infected every day and we also talk a lot about stories from the quarantine, what it does and what the government should do and much else. At the same time, however, it is not so simple to obtain updated, true and complete information. I am not only talking about Fake News that these days sprout continuously, but also which sites to follow to get a complete overview of what is happening in Italy and in the world. Not to mention, then, that most news sites referring to the major national newspapers block browsing with a paywall (shameful for me) and can only be read by paying for a subscription.
In this article, therefore, we try to make one review of the most reliable websites to follow the latest Coronavirus news, that not only have a proven authority in reporting true news, but also that they are completely free to read, that they are (as much as possible) independent from a political point of view and that they are updated minute by minute. It is a fairly short list since there are very few sites with these characteristics, I must say.


Italian best news sites

1) The post It is perhaps the online newspaper that reports more diversified news on the Coronavirus, with articles that go beyond pure news, with a very high degree of reliability since there are hardly sensationalist headlines or news given for good, but still to be verified. In addition, the Post is completely free to read on every page, without Paywall.

2) TPI it is the most complete Italian site to follow the Coronavirus crisis. Its approach is very close to that of a newspaper like the Guardian, with the chronology of events in Italy and in the world, complete coverage that is always updated 24 hours a day. TPI is definitely a site to keep open on your computer all day , to stay updated.

3) AGI it is a perfect site for those who want hard and raw news, with in-depth information, statistics and updates from all over the world.

4) Daily fact it is one of the most popular national online newspapers, famous for many battles, albeit with fairly precise political ideas (it will be difficult for right-wing voters to agree). However, it deserves to be read by all those looking for an alternative to the usual names of Italian newspapers, mainly because it is all free and also for the many interventions with diversified opinions and investigations. Even if it is a complete newspaper, due to its setting it is not the best site to have a complete overview of the Coronavirus.

5) Fanpage is another excellent Italian news site, a little spoiled by excessive advertising, but still very complete and reliable, especially free to follow the news and events constantly evolving on the epidemic.

6) Open Online I put it on this list even if it is not a newspaper, but a multi-author blog. Directed by Mentana, it is certainly a reliable source where to find insights.

Off the list we also mention the Guardian, the completely free English newspaper that has the most complete coverage of Coronavirus events, with retail updates from around the world.

Coronavirus statistics sites

Another way to follow the trend of the pandemic that is afflicting us these days are contagion maps and sites of numbers, statistics and counts updated to know how many people are sick in the world, to know how many new people are infected every day, the deaths and the cured.
First of all, there are the world and Italian map on the real-time infection of the Coronavirus:
To see the map of the total infected in the worldcountry by country, the most reliable, complete and updated is that of John Hopkins University.
To find out where they are and how many are infected in Italyinstead, the only map to check is the one published by Italian Civil Protection, where it is also possible to read, in the notes, if the data is complete or missing from some region.
Two other excellent and favorite sites, with statistics on the COVID-19 contagion trend are:
Bing Covid Tracker, done really well, with the count and the infected maps for each individual country, where by clicking the individual countries you can see the main news of the day, in Italian.
Worldometers, site specialized in demographic counters, which on its page dedicated to COVID-19 shows not only the account of sick people, who died and recovered in every part of the world, but also the growth charts. From the linear and logarithmic graphs, it is therefore possible to check the evolution of the infection and easily predict how long this emergency will last.
HealthMap it is very interesting to see the progression of the pandemic, from the first case that left China.
Another interesting site for lovers of statistics and numbers (which in this crisis are fundamental to understand how it is going), you can see the table that shows the increases of infected in percentage for every single country of the world, in order to understand who is better fighting the spread of the pandemic.

Facebook and Twitter

Social networks are not the best way to stay informed about such a serious emergency without running into false news and annoying opinions. However, it should be noted that on Facebook one has been activated special page for official Coronavirus news, updated to the minute and with information from the Ministry of Health.
On Twitter you can follow the hashtag covid-19 to read comments of any kind, useful more than anything else to make gossip or to find rarer and more exclusive news (which, however, must always be verified).
On Whatsapp, you can click this link and send the Join message to receive, free of charge, the latest smartphone news from the WHO (World Health Organization).

For the rest, I reserve the right to update the article every time I find new resources to follow, which are reliable, true and useful, hoping that this emergency can end as soon as possible. Below, you can see this video that explains in a simple and precise way how the COVID-19 pandemic arises and the consequences.