Best free sites with interactive questions and quizzes to learn the grammar of the English language.

English quiz
English is the “mother tongue” of the world so it must be learned both for work and for a practical sense. It is not that you have to know it fluently, but at least the basics, the most important words and above all the grammar should be studied at least. Although it may be more difficult, today it is not necessarily necessary to pay for an English course or prepare for an exam with a private teacher because the web offers all the tools to learn this foreign language for us.There are tons of websites that allow you to learn English grammar using different approaches. In this guide, we show you the best interactive sites with which you can study written English through quizzes and educational games, not boring and very productive.

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How to learn English online

To learn English we only have to study the fundamentals of the language, but we have to test ourselves with targeted quizzes and interactive exercises so that we can carefully evaluate our progress. All the sites in the following chapters are free, we do not have to make any subscription or spend money on simple English tests.

Best English Test Sites

The first site that we recommend you try to test English with quizzes and interactive questions is English Live, accessible from the official website.
English Live

On this site, we find various simple tests to do, so that we can carefully evaluate our knowledge of English. Among the available tests, we find the test for beginners, the test with love phrases, the test for professionals, a page dedicated to English exercises, a test on sports English and finally a test for English on the work.

Another very good site for learning English with quizzes and exercises is Cambridge Assessment English, available from the official website.
Test Cambridge

On this site, we will have various tests available to understand our level of English, so as to immediately discover where it is necessary to remedy with a much more careful study. As tests, we find General English, English for schools, Business English and Young Learners, which we can carry out to understand when we know the English language and what our shortcomings are.

If, on the other hand, we are looking for some English tests reserved for children, we recommend that you try the site English House, reachable from the official page.
English House

This very simple test allows you to find out the level of elementary English, which is the basics that are normally taught in elementary schools. Even if the test is really very simple, we recommend trying it even if we are adults and we have never deepened the English language: this language is important, so it is better to start immediately with simple quizzes and tests and then use more complex tests to understand where we have arrived.

Other English test sites

The ones we have shown you above are undoubtedly the best sites to learn English with quizzes, reading, and interactive exercises, but from this point of view, the Internet is really full of resources! Below we have collected all the best alternative sites to test your knowledge of the English language:

  • Road To Grammar is a quiz site that teaches English grammar, ideal for preparing for the TOEFL, ESL, or other equivalent exams. You choose a topic from those available (365, one for each day of the year) and then the application, made up of flash slides, proposes a series of selection questions. The quiz can also be downloaded as a PDF file to be answered from an offline computer or tablet. Each question is accompanied by a caption explaining the grammar rules, providing examples in a simple way. There is also a games section, to practise English without getting bored or too tired. Teachers can also download teaching materials from the download section.
  • is an Italian site for learning English grammar. If you really have difficulty reading in English, you can study grammar in Italian on this website which is almost a synthetic school book. The site is divided into sections to study the basics, verbs, nouns, adjectives, pronouns, adverbs, articles. There is also a video section on nSpeak with English grammar lessons.
  • Afterthedeadline is an extension for Google Chrome and Firefox that allows you to correct written English when writing an email. It is more powerful than the built-in spell checker in browsers because it also checks compliance with grammar rules and offers suggestions for improving English.
  • can help improve their vocabulary, focusing on the words you don’t know, without wasting time on what you already know. The first thing you see on the site is a multiple choice test aimed at assessing one’s level of English. Other tests that follow, always different each time, ask you to indicate the meaning of a word in English or to guess which is the synonym or the opposite. Once you have finished the first 10-question assessment test, the site asks you to register and you can use your Facebook account or create a new account on the site. The new words learned are saved in a personal card that can always be consulted in which the progress and improvements made are listed. Every time you answer well you get points and learning becomes a (virtual) prize game
  • If in addition to learning new words you also want to listen to reading English texts and improve conversation, you can use the site. This website publishes a new lesson every day represented by an English text that tells a story. Each story is one conversation between two people, a question and answers with stories that are also pleasant to read. The added value of Spotlight Radio is that each story can also be streamed online, with two different voices that make conversation and read the text slowly, articulating the words and allowing them to be memorized. Each lesson can be searched in the archive and the texts can be printed; Spotlight is also proposed as a free resource for English teachers at school.
  • Ufottoleprotto is a site for children to learn English through funny animated comics.
  • On the Italian site Englishgratis there is an English grammar manual and a series of interactive exercises with sentences to complete.

All sites allow you to learn English with targeted insights, interactive tests and quizzes, and readings, so as to avoid the expense of an online course or a live course.


Even if they live English courses remain unbeatable to learn English well and also to have certificates that allow you to understand this language well, we can always test our English and learn something even without spending anything, using all the free resources. reported in this guide.

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