Best interactive websites where you can learn a computer programming language by playing

Program by playing
In the libraries you can find manuals to study to learn how to program software, websites and applications of all kinds with various programming languages. Having some basic knowledge, or even if you have no experience, we can still become very good at programming code and other languages ​​in fun, innovative and not at all boring ways as you usually think: in fact you can also program by playing and having fun, without wasting too much time in the pure learning phase (in fact we learn the code by playing!).
So let’s see the best together interactive websites where you can learn a computer programming language by playing, so that you can have fun passing a certain game level using code snippets.READ ALSO: Programming languages ​​for children who want to learn

Sites for programming by playing

Even if the best programs are obtained with in classical programming languages ​​(Java, C, C ++ and the like), a boy or a child can start programming with great success by combining programming with the game, so as to be ready when they have to study the real languages ​​(in fact they are already trained and ready!). Below we have collected all the best sites where you can program playing; for some, almost no preparation is required, while for others a minimum preparation and knowledge of the language chosen to play is required.

Code Combat

To learn the JavaScript code, even without any coding experience, it is worth signing up on the CodeCombat site, also available in Italian.
Code Combat

It is really a game, where you guide a character and where you pass the levels by programming the movements and behaviors (attack / defense). The learning environment is a role-playing game with knights, orcs and magicians, where you have to move the minions, avoid the enemies, launch attacks and destroy the bad guys.
Truly a pleasant way to learn programming languages!


Codewars is not a game, but a programming challenge site where you have to correct pieces of code in Javascript, Ruby and many other famous languages.

The site is a race between programmers who can level up by completing increasingly difficult challenges. The challenges are useful and fun and Codewars is the only site listed that also teaches you to test your code. There are not many instructions on Codewars so have fun you must already be a minimum capable of programming and to use Google a lot to find solutions to problems.


For the little ones it is possible to create new IT projects using the tools made available by the site.

Thanks to the site we will be able to make children of all ages participate in computer courses suitable for them, so that we can create new programs and games that can also be used online (most of the projects are in fact accessible directly from the site, so that we can play the creations IT systems for children).
It is probably the best site to introduce children to computer science and programming.


Another very good site for learning to play programming is WarriorJS.

The site is very minimal but allows you to play complete adventures via Javascript code: we can choose the moves of our fantasy character and see what this entails, so that we can continue on. Obviously a minimum preparation in Javascript is required, since the interface is not exactly within the reach of a beginner with programming.


Always with Javascript theme we can play on the JSRobot site.

The aim of the game is to make the robot move using the Script screen, where you can program simple codes in Javascript to make the robot move forward or to make it perform other actions, until reaching the end of the level (indicated with a white flag) ). Each level becomes more and more difficult and programming will become more and more engaging, helping a lot the young kids who approach Javascript programming for the first time.

Mime (Mobile App)

Do we want to learn to program while having fun from our smartphone or tablet? In this case we recommend that you try the app Mime, available for Android and for iPhone / iPad.

By installing this app on our portable device we will be able to learn different programming languages ​​with increasing difficulty and keep track of our progress. Every day there are goals to be reached and it is possible to immediately receive feedback on the codes created, so that we can immediately learn where we went wrong.
It is probably one of the best ways to learn programming while playing.

Other sites to program while having fun

In addition to the sites seen so far, we can also try the ones in the list below, so that you can increase the fun and learn new programming languages:

  • CodeAcademy is a free and interactive site that allows members to create a profile and learn to program websites and applications with languages ​​such as JavaScript, HTML / CSS, PHP, Python, Ruby. The site offers lessons and exercises that are multiple choice quizzes and games. You can then exercise and learn some new tricks every day to improve as a programmer.
  • Code School is another site with online courses and interactive exercises. The courses are on Javascript, iOS, Ruby and HTML / CSS. The site is not free and is in English, but if you want to learn to program, this type of school is definitely worth more than any other boring course.
  • Code Avengers offers a classroom course to learn programming without having to read boring manuals in an interactive and guided way.
  • Game Maven is an exceptional site for learning how to program video games. In Game Maven you are guided to write a programming code that you write yourself by playing. The screen is divided in two, on one side the code, on the other the result of the code or the game. Eventually the game can be incorporated into its website.
  • Grasshoper is an app for Android and iPhone launched by Google employees, who wants to become an easy-to-use tool for learning to program (javascript) from scratch. In this case it is a real online game made of various levels, where you need to analyze a programming code by completing it correctly in a guided way.


Learning to program while having fun is possible and, if we notice that our children are particularly skilled in mathematics and programming, we can start them studying by making them play on the sites that we have shown above.

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