Top 10 free sites to send large files via Email even as attachments from 2GB to 30GB

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Even if today sending and transferring files via the Internet is simpler than a few years ago, and even faster thanks to optical fiber and LTE networks, the demand for services to send large files is always high also because, despite the progress and improvements, the most popular mail services still have limits on the maximum size of attachments and it is not always possible to rely on transfer via BitTorrent, which requires multiple sources to be truly effective. For these reasons it is always a good thing to have sites on hand that allow you to send large files as attachments via Email from 2 to 30 GB quickly and easily.In this article, we will show you the best methods and sites to send large attached files. This can allow you to email entire contents of photo CDs or DVDs, or even entire movies or music albums, or even transfer large quantities of documents.

Best services to send attachments and large files

To send large files, 1 or 2 GB or even larger, you need to rely on some services among which it is a very popular transfer, which we can consider the number one way to share files with everyone on the internet (which we will see later). Alternatively, we can always use applications to send files from mobile like Telegram, which allows you to send files up to 1.5 GB large.
If we want to try something different, effective, and 100% safe, just read the following chapters.

Mail services with increased attachments

If we don’t want to search too much, just know that Gmail allows you to send attachments up to 10 GB, while Yahoo Mail can be integrated with Dropbox and Google Drive to transfer files larger than allowed.
Virgilio Mail address allows you to send attachments up to 2GB which must be downloaded within 5 days (they will be deleted upon expiration).


Filemail is free, fast, secure, and does not require any registration.

It allows you to send files up to 30 GB with a very easy to use web interface.
Just enter the recipient’s email address and the sender’s email address, and then choose the files to upload from the hard disk. You can upload multiple files at one time and the recipients will receive the download link in the email. Uploaded files will be kept for 7 days and can be downloaded countless times before being completely removed from the webserver.
Obviously, there is also a paid version to remove all limits and have more functions.


JumboMail allows you to send emails with attachments up to 20 GB, which can be videos, photos, or music.

By opening the site we can immediately send the email with the large attachment, filling in all the fields offered on the left side of the site and choosing, among the items below, whether to keep the files for a week or for 6 months. By subscribing to the site we will always be able to recover the emails sent and also get more space to store files.


DropSend is an online service to send emails with large and large files up to 4 GB.

With a free account, the limit is that you can only use it 5 times in a month. To send a file, just type in the recipients, enter the subject, and the message; then browse through the files on your hard disk to upload and click the submit button. Obviously, the recipients of the attachment, to download the file, do not have to register with DropSend but only click on the link received via e-mail to start downloading the files. The good thing about DropSend is that it can track sent files, under the “Sent” folder, with notification if the files have been downloaded.


WeTransfer is the most famous website of this type, as mentioned before, which allows you to send attachments and send files of the maximum size of 2 GB, by email, to anyone.

Without any registration, all we have to do is write the e-mail address of the recipient, that of the sender, upload the large file, and send. The recipient of the email receives a link to download the file while the sender receives a notification in the mailbox that the file has been sent successfully.
By paying you can buy WeTransfer Plus, to raise the limit for sending files up to 20 GB and get other benefits such as a cloud space to keep the files sent forever.

Other sites to post large files

In addition to the sites that we have reported above (all valid and free), we can also try one of the services in the following bulleted list, so as to always have an alternative.

  • Filestofriend is an online service for sharing files with friends up to 1 GB. By paying for a premium account you can get the ability to send files up to 5 GB, 20 GB of cloud space, and a control dashboard
  • MailBigFile allows you to easily send large files, up to 2 GB, for free. Sent files are sent as attachments, although the recipient will receive a link to download these files.
  • ZipShare, a Winzip service for sending large files and attachments via Facebook or other sharing systems, up to 500 MB for free.
  • SecurelySend to send large files up to 2 GB via email, with the possibility to check if it has been received and downloaded. In addition to standard security, with this site, you can protect shared files with a password and you can also make sure that the attachment is deleted after being viewed.
  • Myairbridge is an excellent file sending service, which also allows you to send attachments via email, up to 20 GB for free.
  • Files2U: a very simple site to send files up to 6GB without a subscription, to any email (a link will be shared from which to download the chosen file).


The ones we have shown you are undoubtedly the best services for sending large files as attachments via Email from 2 to 30 GB, thus overcoming all the limits imposed by e-mail providers and also sharing entire CDs, DVDs, or installation files. of large programs, with great speed (obviously limited to the upload capabilities of our line) and good privacy policy (the files will all be encrypted and will be deleted after a certain period of time).

In addition to the sites specialized in sending large files, we can also use the cloud storage service iCloud, which offers a free service to transfer files, via email, up to 5 GB in size without registration.
Do we want to transfer files between one PC and another wirelessly? In this case, we advise you to read our guide Transfer files from PC to Wifi for free without registration, cables, or programs.


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