Sites with breathing exercises, free, against anxiety and stress

5 Sites to combat anxiety through breathing exercises to be followed online on the computer

online breathing exercises
Anxiety can become an ugly beast to bear and for those who suffer particularly from this psychic state which can bring excessive worry or fear, to prevent it from bringing stress and anxiety disorders, there are many applications with proven effectiveness. The key to relaxation is all in breathing, which is the basis of Mindfulness, Yoga and any meditation practice. Doing breathing exercises can be helpful in counteracting anxiety disorders and stress, to improve sleep and, in general, to improve one’s daily life.
While in another article we have seen the best apps to do meditation on Android and iPhone, here we discover some simple sites to do guided breathing exercises online. You can then follow the breathing rhythm graphically, to hold your breath, exhale and inhale at the right times.1) Xhalr is a simple and effective free web app for learning breathing exercises. The site does not require any registration or subscription, it is free and does nothing but show a circle with a timer. You can then synchronize your breath in order to inhale and exhale at the right times, following the movement of the circle that grows larger and smaller.
By pressing on the three horizontal lines (top right), it is possible to adjust a series of settings to select different breathing models, activate the audio, to manually choose the times for insipirate, hold the breath, exhale and hold the breath again. In the settings you can also change the graphic theme and hide the words from the screen.

2) Interval timer is a site that collects several timers to use for breathing exercises. By pressing on Create Timer at the top, you can create a personalized exercise program. Also in the top bar you can choose a ready-made timer. There are timers such as HIIT, Tabata, Circuit Training and several others. Each timer has a different breathing intensity.

3) Breathe is a web application with a free and immediate breathing exercise to try. The site shows a circle that goes up and down according to the breath: when it goes up you have to breathe in, when it goes down exhale and then, when it moves straight, hold your breath. The default parameters define a 15 second breathing cycle, which produces 4 breaths per minute. Below you can change these parameters according to your tastes, to define the seconds of inspiration, exhalation, pause and time in which to hold your breath.

4) Breathforanxiety is another site similar to Xhalr (number 1), which can help reduce stress and anxiety with breathing exercise. On the website you can see a circle on the screen indicating when to inhale and exhale. On the right, there is the countdown that must be clicked to start a session. At the top left there is the button with three lines to adjust some options. At the bottom right you can change the graphic theme of the site.

5) Calm it is one of the most effective web applications for meditation, which also uses sound stimuli and music, which has already been mentioned some time ago among the best anti-stress sites to detach and calm the mind and body. Today it is no longer a free site and you can only do a 7 day trial before starting your subscription. However, you can open the calm Breath page for free, where you can practice breathing.

6) Breath Ball is an app for Android, iPhone and also for Windows and Mac PC, which allows you to follow different types of breathing exercises for free. Breath Ball breathing has been specially designed for clinical environments, with natural breathing exercises that, according to the authors, work much better than any other guide. The object is to relieve stress and anxiety, soothe the symptoms of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), lower high blood pressure and overcome insomnia with four simple breathing exercises.

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