Skimming attacks, ATMs and petrol stations at risk: what's happening?

According to some reports, the presence of skimmer devices it is increasing dramatically in the United States and beyond.

Through the American newspaper News5 a spread of this type of crime has been brought to light, with several installations identified at petrol pumps and ATMs. This dangerous trend is also confirmed Owne Scottagent of Colorado Springs Police Department which states “I think this year we found about seven or eight at gas stations around town over the course of the year“, demonstrating that these are certainly not isolated cases.

But how do skimming attacks work? Scott himself described the criminals’ modus operandi to News5 “They attach a device that will read electronic data from your credit or debit card as soon as you insert it into the machine. Now it’s usually transmitted via Bluetooth to a third-party bandit who can then use all that information to clone credit cards, make online purchases, and do a whole host of things with that information“.

To make the situation even more disturbing, there is also ae-mail which reached many ordinary people in the area. This, apparently official in appearance, provided a list of “safe” petrol stations, directing potential victims to petrol stations which had already been manipulated by criminals.

Second Aaron LuptonColorado State Patrol Trooper “This is an attempt to install malware or spyware. A sort of electronic phishing“.

Skimming attacks: how to avoid disasters

Although these cases concern an area geographically very distant from Europe, skimming attacks are also a reality in our country. In this regard, it is good to follow some advice to avoid seeing your card compromised.

Avoid ATMs or automatic payment stations considered as barely visible it can be a good way to reduce risks. In fact, criminals have an easier time installing skimmer devices at less visible locations. Always keep them receiptsas these can constitute a clue for possible investigations.

If necessary, before making a transaction or withdrawal, check with your smartphone whether they are present Suspicious Bluetooth lines: As already stated, skimmer devices send such a signal to a receiving machine in the hands of criminals.

If you live in an area where more cases of skimming have been recorded, avoid payments through automatic machines for a certain period and entrusted directly to the staff When possible.


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