Sky Mobile powered by Fastweb: starting on February 29th, it’s official

Sky Mobile powered by Fastweb: starting on February 29th, it's official

Sky Mobile powered by Fastweb will officially take to the pitch on February 29, so next week. The telecommunications giant itself communicated the news with a press release which also provides some additional details compared to the information released last November.

Sky Mobile arrives on February 29: new details

With an ambitious claim (“simply possible”), Sky tries to shake up the mobile telephony market with a “simple, transparent and convenient” offer. As highlighted by the company, users will be able to count on a coverage that reaches over 99% of the territory in 4G and they will be able to surf in 5G at no additional cost. The support network will be that of Fastwebthe fastest in Europe according to Ookla tests.

But how much will Sky Mobile powered by Fastweb cost? At the moment this information remains hidden but the company declares that it wants to please all users, that it wants to satisfy any need. For this reason, there will be three offers, all with unlimited minutes, without hidden costs and without any duration constraints. The difference between the three promotions will be made by quantity of giga available.

Sky Mobile powered by Fastweb will have wide coverage, including in 5G, and will be available in three different solutions, at an advantageous price.

Sky Mobile powered by Fastweb - Banner

«Whether it’s experiencing major sporting events and the most exciting stories or connecting to your passions, Sky is the ideal partner for families and with Sky Mobile it will be even more so. Now our offer of contents and services is truly complete and with a unique quality. With this news we will give an extra opportunity to discover the Sky world to those who have not yet chosen us» he declares Andrea DuilioCEO of Sky Europe.

In the next few days the company will reveal all the information that consumers and potential customers will want to know. The debut will be accompanied by a communication campaign with an exceptional testimonialso there is no doubt that the launch of Sky Mobile will have a certain resonance (especially if the prices are competitive).

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