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Slide master in PowerPoint, what it is and how to use it

PowerPoint is Microsoft software designed to allow web users to present in a clear, attractive and orderly manner projects, research, programs, planning, work done and much more to a more or less wide audience. It is appreciated by students, who use it constantly in their studies, and by professionals.

To make it one of the most used programs is the large number of features available: it is possible to use themes, models, intervene on elements such as character and font, add images, videos, 3D objects, diagrams, tables and much more.

Slides can be organized into sections or structured through schemes in order to make the user’s work simple and fast ed avoid loss of data and information.

  • 1. Slide master, what is it

    The master slide is nothing but a special slide, placed at the top of a hierarchy of other slides and which contains all the information and elements that must be inserted and applied to the submitted slides and in the various layouts.

    A master slide determines the visual appearance of the entire presentation, making it coherent in style and details. Through this function you can choose and determine colors, fonts, effects, backgrounds, types of transitions and animations and almost all the characteristics of the other elements that can be inserted into a PowerPoint presentation.

    Companies, for example, can place their own logo within the master slide. This will be automatically re-presented on each slide, in the same position and with the same effects, without the person working on the project having to enter it manually on each new page.

  • 2. How to create a slide master in PowerPoint

    To create a slide master start PowerPoint on your computer and start creating a new job. Click on the item Viewpresent in the menu located at the top of the screen and which allows you to move between the various tabs.

    Click on Slide Master. At this point the scheme is presented as the first element in the preview pane, which is located on the left of the screen. Under the first scheme, they are presented all layouts available on PowerPoint.

  • 3. Editing a slide master: layouts

    Within the master slide you can make all the changes you deem appropriate, delete layouts, rename or duplicate them.

    To remove un layout associated with the created slide master, select it in the thumbnail pane on the left and click on the delete item located in the area Modify Master or, alternatively, right-click on the thumbnail and click Elimina layout.

    If you want to rename a layout, select it in the thumbnail area and click on Renamingpresent in the section Modify Master. Enter the desired title and click on Renaming. A second way forward is to right-click on the preview of the layout to be renamed and select Rinomina layout. Change the name and click on Renaming.

    You can add as many layouts as you want and structure them however you like. To do this, click on Enter Layoutspresent in Modify Master.

    To structure the new layout it is necessary to operate in the area Layout Schema diapositiva. Choose whether to show the title and footer by turning them on or off. Clicking Insert placeholder you can add other elements to the layout, such as a Content, Text, Image, Graphic, Table, Smart Art, Multimedia Elements or Online Image section.

    Choose the content type from the list and manually create a section within the layout. Intervene on individual characteristicssuch as shape fill, outline, WordArt style and so much more

  • 4. Change the look of a slide master

    Yes you can apply a theme to the entire slide master and then intervene on the individual elements to change their characteristics. To apply a theme to a slide master click on Slide Master and in the area Change theme click on Themes and choose the one you want.

    The theme applies to the whole Slide master, including all layouts present. You can change the colors by clicking in the area Background are Colors and selecting one of the color sets present or clicking on Customize colors and choosing each individual color for the various areas of the slides.

    Fonts can be changed. In the section Backgroundclick on Fonts and choose one of the proposed combinations or click on customize font. In the latter case, select the header character, the body character and give the style a name.

    To change the appearance of the objects in the presentation click on Effects in Background and choose the one you prefer. Clicking Background Styles you can change the background by opting for one of those present within the theme’s color scheme or by clicking on Background formatchange it to a solid or gradient or picture or texture or pattern fill.

    The background is changed only in the selected layout. If you want to change that of all layouts in the master slide you need edit the first slide of the hierarchy.

    Once you have selected all the features and set up the slide master click Close master view and start creating your work. The outline can be modified at any time and the changes will be made to the entire Presentation.

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