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Slow Android? How to make it faster

Sui rather dated phones or on those that are used a lot for work or for leisure, it can happen that Android becomes very slow and, in the most serious cases, even unusable.

Unfortunately it is a rather common thing over time and the user will have to get used to sharp declines in performance especially if the device is starting to look a few years old.

In some cases, however, it is possible to act on the smartphone in order to make it faster so you can use it more or less normally.

Let’s find out how to speed up an Android smartphone when it gets too slow.

  • 1. Slow android, the simplest solutions

    The first attempt to make when the smartphone is very slow is to try with a reboot. In most cases this simple operation will “fix” minor problems and make the phone snappy again.

    Naturally we must not expect who knows what miracles but, in the case of temporary malfunctions of the applications or of minor system errorsrestarting your device may be the ideal solution.

    To do this, just hold down the shutdown button and when the various options appear on the screen tap on Restart.

    The second “quick and painless” solution consists of clean the cache of the device. Very often there are specific Apps for the smartphone cleaning who will periodically take care of doing maintenance on the smartphone.

    If not, you can proceed manually by going to Settingsby tapping on the tab App and selecting one from the menu with all the programs installed on the device. At this point, just select Clear cache or, in some cases Delete datato proceed with cleaning the cache memory of individual applications.

    Restarting the smartphone is one of the simplest and most effective solutions to ensure a fast and snappy operating system and is always the first attempt to make in case of problems and malfunctions.

    Again, miracles should not be expected and this procedure should mainly be used to recover some memory on your smartphone.

    A slow Android device can also be to blame for running a outdated software. Very often it will be old applications but, in other cases it may depend on the operating system which needs to be updated.

    To check for Android updates just go to Settingstap on System and then select the tab System update. After scanning to see if there are any available packages, just tap on Download and update.

    Similarly, an Android device that is too slow could be affected by the applications not updated in use. To upgrade just go to Play Storetap the icon with your username, select the setting Manage apps and device and finally select Refresh everything under the available updates tab.

    In this way, not only the operating system and the individual Apps could become more snappy but also the possible ones will be avoided device security issues.

  • 2. Free up space on your device

    Make free space it’s not only a way to speed up a slow Android OS, but it’s also a great solution to always have a good device and with only the necessary files.

    Also in this case there are various applications that allow the user to clean their smartphone, deleting useless filesredundant and everything that is considered trivial.

    However it can always be a good thing perform a manual check on the phone memory by deleting or making a backup on the computer or on the cloud all those files that could also be useful but which often only clutter up the already limited storage of the device.

    A device with full memory will perform worse. Freeing up space, therefore, is always an excellent solution for having a snappy and healthy smartphone.

    So the first tip is to free up some memory going to delete applicationsunused. To do this, just hold your finger down on the single application, select the settings icon and tap on Uninstall.

    Secondly, you can switch to photos, videos and all documents (including downloads) that have long stagnated in the phone’s memory. To do this, simply go to the relevant folders and delete the content you no longer need.

    We have just talked about the importance of deleting unused applications, however, in some circumstances it may not be possible and in the case of rather heavy programs the user will have to settle for a slow Android smartphone.

    Fortunately, there are a whole range of App Lite which offer the exact same characteristics as the classic one but having much less impact on the device and its performance.

    Among these we mention the Apps of Facebook Messenger Lite as well as all the programs developed by third parties that simulate the functioning of the most popular ones, but using fewer resources or occupying less storage on the smartphone.

  • 3. Speed ​​up animations on Android

    The Android developer optionsas is well known, have many special features that allow better management of your device.

    Among these also those for speed up smartphone animations which allow even older devices to go back to being faster.

    After enabling Developer Options, you need to go to its menu and look for the options Viewport animation scale, Transition animation scale e Animator duration scalesetting them in a range of 1x to 5x for snappier animations.

  • 4. Reset Android to factory settings

    Finally, if all of the solutions proposed up to this point have resolved performance issues on an Android smartphone, the last thing you should try is a reset to factory settings.

    Such a solution erase all content on the device and brings it back as it was right out of the factory.

    As extreme as this option is, it often helps to solve the most common problems without having to buy a new smartphone.

    To restore the factory options, go to Settings and tap on the tab System and then up Recovery options. Here just select the option Erase all data (factory reset). Once confirmed, there is no going back and the phone will start the formatting procedures.

    Factory reset is a last resort that erases everything on your smartphone and could solve even the most serious problems.

    It is important to remember that you may be asked several times to enter the lock screen PIN or password, before completely deleting the data.

    As soon as the smartphone is restarted it will be necessary set it up again just like the first time I used it. Once this is done, everything should work fine again.

    If even after the factory reset the problems are not solved, unfortunately, there is nothing else that can be done buy a new device. It is good to remember that, over time, the performance of any electronic device they will tend to get worse so, if you have an old phone with lots of problems, the only solution is to put your wallet and buy a new one, but not before having made the backup of all important data on an external medium or in the cloud.

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