Slow WhatsApp on the phone: what to do

Slow WhatsApp
WhatsApp is so important for many users that, as soon as it starts to slow down or to show signs of blocking, panic immediately starts to understand what’s wrong and why our messages are invited or received so slowly. We don’t have to worry! Like any phone app, WhatApp can also suffer from small slowdowns or blockages, just know what to do in the case so as to intervene quickly and restore the operation of the app in a few seconds.
In this guide we will show you what to do if we find ourselves with slow WhatsApp on the phone, so as to make it work again in any case (even if it is blocked or has not received any messages for a few minutes).
The steps described in the guide can be applied both to the version of WhatsApp for Android and to the version for iPhone.READ ALSO: What to do if Whatsapp does not work, does not send or receive and does not connect

WhatsApp becomes slow

By following all the steps recommended in the following chapters, we will solve over 90% of the slowness or blockage problems that we may encounter when we use WhatsApp on our smartphone.

Check the network connection

Probably the problem is not even of the Whats App app itself, but of the Internet connection of our phone, which may be too slow to allow the exchange of messages. To find out we start the browser on our device and connect to the site, so as to launch a fast speed test. If we get one speed lower than 2 Mega, Whats-app (but also the other apps of the phone) will be strongly slow in the management of messages and in sending / receiving multimedia content (photos, videos, GIFs etc.).
network connection

If the Wi-Fi is too slow, we try to turn off this connection and use only the data connection, especially if we have LTE coverage. Conversely, if it is the data connection to go too slow (perhaps because we are in an area with poor coverage or with 2G / 3G signal), we are looking for a fast Wi-Fi network nearby, perhaps using the App to find free Wifi and free wireless networks on the map.

Do we want to use an app to perform the network speed test? In this case we advise you to read our guide to App for speedtest from smartphone.

Check for updates

The problem of slowing down WhatsApp is not always the fault of the network to which we are connected: just skipping one or two updates of the app to run into slowdowns, especially if we receive new content not managed by the old versions of the messaging app.
To fix it quickly then update the app, opening the Google Play Store (on Android) or the App Store (on iPhone) and looking for the app Whats app, so as to immediately view the presence of any updates.
Whatsapp Update

In the presentation screen of the app, just press on Refresh to update WhatsApp. On Android we can update the app manually, by loading the WhatsApp APK and installing it on the phone, as seen in our guide Download APK of Android apps and receive updates without Google Play.

Close and reopen the app

If none of the previous methods worked, we can also simply try closing and reopening the app, so as to restart the process and solve some temporary cache problems. To close the app on Android, simply press and hold the button Home or swipe from the bottom to the center of the screen (holding at the last for 2 seconds), so you can view all the open apps and close the WhatsApp app (with a swipe to the right or left).
If we own an iPhone, all we have to do is press twice on the button Home or swipe from the bottom to the center of the screen (holding at the last for 2 seconds), then swipe up from the WhatsApp app.
Restart WhatsApp

Once the app is closed, simply reopen it by pressing the WhatsApp icon on the homescreen, in the Android drawer or inside the iPhone folder where we placed it.

Clear the app cache

For the biggest problems of WhatsApp we will have to proceed with the clearing of the app cache, so as to remove the data that slows it down.
On Android let’s get in the path Settings -> Applications, press on the WhatsApp app then use the button Clear cache or the voice Clear your cache.
WhatsApp cache

On the iPhone, we can’t just clear an app cache, we can only uninstall the whole app. Still on the subject of cache and recovery of the space occupied by WhatsApp, we can also read our guide on how Free up space in Whatsapp and clean the archive usage.

Uninstall the app and reinstall it

As a last resort, we can try to remove the app from the phone and reinstall it, so as to solve any latent problems that cannot be resolved with the methods seen so far. Before uninstalling the app let’s do a backup of our WhatsApp chats, then proceed to remove the app based on your system. On Android we open the Play Store, we search for “Whatsapp“in the search bar then press the button Uninstall.
On the iPhone instead we will have to press and hold the app icon, select Change the home screen then press the icon X next to the WhatsApp app; alternatively we can open the app Settings, bring us to the menu General, open the iPhone Space menu, press on the item Whatsapp and finally press on the voice Delete app.
Remove WhatsApp

After deleting the app, we can reinstall it by opening the respective stores and trying again Whatsapp, so as to proceed with its installation and with the restoration of the backup previously carried out.


If WhatsApp is slow, freezes or does not send messages correctly, just keep in mind the procedures described in the chapters above to quickly restore the functionality of the most famous messaging app in the world, so you can immediately chat with our friends or relatives.

We remind you that the slowdowns may also be due to the device running out of space, especially if we share many photos and videos; in this case we advise you to read our guides on how Free up Android space on internal storage and SD card and how Free up space on iPhone if insufficient.

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