Small businesses targeted by hackers: how to avoid disasters?

Gone are the days when hackers targeted big tech companies.

Today, with the massive online presence of even small businesses, their objectives may also include small shop under the house. Whether it’s hardware stores, bookstores, restaurants or anything else, i cybercriminali they are increasingly aggressive.

For experts, in such a complex context, it is important to deepen their knowledge of potential threats. The slowdown of mobile devices or of PCas well as a huge number of spam on the inbox email, these can be less than reassuring symptoms. However, regarding dangers of this type, there are some effective signs and/or countermoves to implement.

In the context of malware mobile, for example, there are several cases of attacks on small businesses. Clear signs that something is wrong with a smartphone can be, in addition to the slow performance already mentioned, overheating e abnormal battery discharge.

Unfortunately, it’s not just malware that puts small businesses under siege. The infostealerfor example, can be used for steal credentials compared to the online current accounts of entrepreneurs (and not only).

Finally, a growing threat, even for small businesses, are the ransomware. These, once concentrated in contexts such as medium-large companies, now do not disdain smaller companies.

These campaigns involve encrypting sensitive data on devices and demanding a ransom from cybercriminals to unlock them.

How to protect your small business?

There are many precautions, all essential to allow your business to pass through the many risks of the internet unscathed.

First of all, it’s good stay informed with respect to new threats, avoiding the surprise effect with respect to new strategies adopted by cybercriminals.

Secondly, an excellent one antivirus can offer considerable guarantees. Keep it the same updatedas well as for what concerns operating system e browserrepresents an almost obligatory attitude.

On the email side, one of the major critical issues, it is best to pay close attention to suspicious messages or those that tend to inspire a certain urgency. Check the carefully senderavoid clicking outgoing link and pay close attention to attachmentsare other habits that are almost obligatory.


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