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The screens of new phones are getting closer and closer to 7 inches, a value that was once the prerogative of tablets but which will soon become the new frontier of phone screens. Compared to the past, however, the bodies have grown very little, thanks to the new borderless screens that reduce the total size of the phone, making it a 6.5-inch roughly the same as a 6-inch.

But if we prefer a phone with the smallest and most handy screen, without necessarily giving up the latest features on smartphones? Although everyone is following the trend for large screens nowadays, there are still models of phones with screen diagonals of less than 6 inches, ideal for those with smaller hands or looking for a handy phone to carry in their pocket.

In the following guide we will show you the best smartphones with small screen under 6 inches, also showing you the links from which to buy them directly online using a complete and reliable service such as Amazon, one of the few stores that returns the money in case of problems even months after the main purchase.

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Technical features

Since there are not many phones with small screens, we can very well forget the vast majority of the tips and features seen in other similar guides, whereas we will inevitably have to compromise. On a phone of this category let’s make sure to find:

  • Processor: at least quad-core, preferably with ARM x64 technology so that it can also support new apps and new operating systems.
  • RAM: 2 GB is really the bare minimum for modern system and apps; to obtain superior performance we focus on models with 4GB of RAM or, to obtain maximum speed, we focus on the iPhone models proposed below.
  • Internal memory: since the space could be very little, let’s make sure that it is possible to use a microSD on Android phones, so as to immediately expand the memory. On iPhones this is not possible so it is better to immediately focus on 64GB or 128GB of internal memory.
  • Release system: make sure you can unlock your phone with your fingerprint or face, so you can quickly access your favorite apps.
  • Certification: all the phones that we will recommend below offer IP67 or IP68 certification, thus proving to be resistant to water and dust.
  • Battery: since we are talking about rugged phones or reserve phones, let’s make sure that the battery is large enough, with values ​​of 3000 mAh or higher.

If we find a phone with a screen of less than 6 inches with these features, we can take it with our eyes closed, considering that there are not many valid alternatives.


The first small screen phone we can consider is Hafury, available on Amazon for less than € 100.


This small phone features a 5.5 Inch HD + screen, 3100 mAh battery, 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of expandable internal memory, triple rear camera, leather exterior, HD front camera and Android 10 operating system.


In the category of rugged battle phones we find theOUKITEL WP12 Pro, available on Amazon for less than € 200.


This smartphone has 5.5 Inch HD screen, 4000 mAh battery, 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of internal memory, dual rear cameras, IP68 certification, HD front camera, face recognition, Dual SIM support, NFC chip and operating system Android 11.

Blackview BV4900 Pro

Still in the category of rugged phones we can find a phone with a small screen like the Blackview BV4900 Pro, available on Amazon for less than € 200.

Blackview BV4900 Pro

On this phone we can find a 5.7-inch HD + screen, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of expandable internal memory, 5580mAh battery, NFC support, Dual SIM support, IP68 certification and Android 10.0 operating system.


Another phone we can bet on among small screen phones is the DOOGEE S59 Pro, available on Amazon for less than 250 €.


On this phone we can find a 5.71 Inch HD + screen, 4GB of RAM, 128GB of internal memory, 10.050mAh battery, NFC support, Dual SIM support, IP68 certification, 2W internal speakers, quad rear camera and Android operating system 10.

Apple iPhone

Outside of rugged phones or Chinese smartphones, there are very few small screen phones that can compete with high-end phones. Fortunately, Apple has produced small phones in recent years such as theApple iPhone SE 2nd generation, sold and shipped by Amazon for less than 600 €.

Apple iPhone SE

This iPhone boasts a 4.7-inch Retina HD display, A13 Bionic processor with 3rd generation Neural Engine, 12MP (wide angle) camera with Portrait mode, IP67 dust and water resistant, Touch ID recognition system and operating system iOS 14.

Alternatively we can focus on the most powerful Apple iPhone 12 mini, another very interesting phone sold and shipped by Amazon for less than 800 €.

iPhone 12 mini

This iPhone boasts a 5.4 “Super Retina XDR Display, Ceramic Shield screen protector, A14 Bionic processor, 12MP (wide angle) dual cameras with Portrait mode, 12MP TrueDepth front camera, IP68 dustproof and waterproof Face ID recognition, 5G network support and iOS 14 operating system.


Phones under 6 inches have become a real rarity in the market, considering that virtually all phone manufacturers have turned to 6.5 inches as the standard size of phone screens. If we don’t want to use these large phones or are looking for smaller battling phones, just choose one of the rugged phones on the list above. If, on the other hand, we want an elegant and modern phone, we can consider the Hafury or one of the two iPhones presented, all with a screen of less than 6 inches.

If we look for phones to save money and don’t pay much attention to the size of the screen, we can surely find a great and affordable one Cheap smartphone or search the most iPhone-like smartphones costing half as much.

If, on the other hand, we were fascinated by rugged battle phones and want to see other similar models, we can learn more, for example, what are the best Rugged Phone, ie indestructible phones.


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