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Smart cars, what changes with the integration of ChatGPT

ChatGPT is gradually “contaminating” every sector of technology and, among the future applications of the chatbot, there is also the automotive world.

Among the first manufacturers to exploit the potential of this artificial intelligence we find the vehicles of DS Automobileswith new features that enrich the capabilities of theIris voice assistant.

At the moment, the project is still in its initial phase and can be used and tested by a selected number of customers of the famous brand in a totally free (provided, of course, you have a compatible car). Let’s find out more about it.

ChatGPT and DS Automobiles, how the voice assistant works

When the new function arrives on DS cars, users will be able to activate the voice assistant, with the classic formula “Ok Iris” or by pressing the appropriate button button on the steering wheel.

ChatGPT it will already be integrated software and will provide the driver with all the information he needs, from navigation al Infotainment systempassing through it vehicle status and much more.

In this sense, the new version of Iris will greatly expand the potential of the on-board computer but, it is important to underline, it will not give real-time information (such as those on traffic and accidents) since the chatbot is obviously not connected to the Internet.

Initially the pilot project will have a duration of six months and will serve to give DS Automobiles an idea of ​​how to improve this integration and to imagine new models of interaction between the car and the driver.

When the testing phase is concluded, the manufacturing company will evaluate what to do and whether, if necessary, to distribute the application universally on all models of the Stellantis Groupperhaps even opting for a version with eSIM which could further expand ChatGPT’s potential.

ChatGPT, which models does it come on

According to initial statements from DS Automobiles, the cars that will receive ChatGPT features will be the DS 3, DS 4, DS 7 e DS 9which already have the on-board computer supplied DS Iris System.

Important to underline that these models are already available in Europe, France, Germania, United Kingdom e Spain.

The project, at least in the initial phase, will be accessible to individuals only 20,000 customers who will have to register on the appropriate portal and then request the integration of the chatbot with the on-board system.

Furthermore, these first testers will be able to use ChatGPT free per 6 machinesfor the entire duration of the test.

At the end of the testing period, DS Automobiles will integrate the chatobot OpenAI in its commercial offer, making it available to all its customers but, obviously, making it become a optional payment.

There is no official information yet but if the project is successful, ChatGPT could also arrive on the future other vehicles of the Stellantis Group which, among other brands, also includes Europen ones Abarth, Alfa Romeo, FIAT, Lancia e Maserati.


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