Smart rings, what they are and how the new health wearables work

When it comes to wearableat the moment, the smartwatch they are the most common devices on the market and, perhaps, among the products most appreciated by millions of users around the world.

Things, however, could change 2024 could be the year of Smart ringsespecially with the arrival of the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Ringshown quickly to the Galaxy Unpacked Event of January, and which should arrive on the market quickly, “shaking” the established order in the wearable device sector.

Smart rings, the main functions

The smart rings coming out soon (like the Galaxy Ring) are ready to hit the market as smart-oriented devices detection of vital parameters and not only.

Naturally, given the small size, they will only have on board a reduced supply of sensors and they will be able to detect less data than a smartwatch, but they undoubtedly represent a great evolution in the sector which brings the control of users’ health to an even more targeted level.

Smart rings, in fact, should simplify the management of daily well-beingbecoming valid allies for the long-term tracking of vital functionssuch as during sleep or during various daily activities.

Furthermore, given the “limited” functions they should also guarantee one greater autonomy compared to a smartwatch and this can only play in favor of the discussion on long-term monitoring mentioned above.

In addition to this, of course, there will also be no shortage of activities related to contactless payments thanks to chip per l’NFC supplied and, in some cases, even functions for it unlocking smart locksil recognition of users e the use of your own car thanks to’Ultra Wide Band.

Returning for a moment to talking about the Galaxy Ring, since no further information has yet been shared in this regard, we do not yet have a complete picture of its true potential and the South Korean giant could still have several tricks up its sleeve to conquer its audience.

How much does a smart ring cost

Clearly, when we talk about devices of this type, the price discussion it is fundamental and can be the tip of the balance that can determine the success of a product or not.

As for the future Galaxy Ring, for example, Samsung defined it as “accessible” and such a move could mean that, when released on the market, it could have a significantly lower price than the competition, but making hypotheses at the moment is rather difficult.

Let’s say that the alternatives on the market (which in many cases are not yet available in Europe) have a price that varies from 36 euros (Strong R5) until you get to approximately 221 euros (Noise Luna Ring) so in this sense, Samsung’s proposal could be positioned halfway between the two but, naturally, a lot will also depend on the functions on board del device.

What is important to note, however, is that even big brands like Samsung are looking at this sector with interest and it won’t take long for others to follow the example of the South Korean giant, bringing many more models on the market (magari a even more accessible prices) and so on development of further technologies more and more surprising.

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