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Smart wireless scrubber dryer: Tineco Floor One S5. Long lasting battery

With the new Floor One S5 vacuum cleaner, Tineco improves the user experience of a smart device with WiFi support already well conceived in previous versions.

During the summer of 2021 we presented the Tineco Floor One S3 vacuum cleaner.

The same manufacturer, with an increasingly strong presence in Italy, recently presented the new and most updated version Tineco Floor One S5.

It is a floor cleaners new generation that improves on the previous model and surpasses the small ones deficit which we highlighted earlier.

Tineco Floor One S5, purchasable on offer at Amazon Europe retains all the main characteristics of the “little brother”: manageability, versatility, practicality and smart functions that allow you to manage the device comfortably from a smartphone.

Indeed, Tineco Floor One S5 connects to the WiFi at home, in the shop or in the office (yes, because it is a very convenient product even for those who have a business and need to keep the various environments always clean and sanitized).

Smart wireless scrubber dryer: Tineco Floor One S5.  Long lasting battery

By starting the Tineco app, you can find out the status of the device, remotely start an automatic cleaning, change the language of the “voice guide” (there is also Europen) by downloading and installing the voice package, adjust the volume, mute completely device and update the firmware when available.

Smart wireless scrubber dryer: Tineco Floor One S5.  Long lasting battery

You can also check the operations of floor cleaning carried out and how much water has been saved compared to “old-fashioned” products.

The advantages of a smart floor cleaner like Tineco Floor One S5

A product like the innovative Floor One S5 was created to be a “2-in-1”: in fact, it combines the functions of a powerful vacuum with those of an effective floor washer.

Smart wireless scrubber dryer: Tineco Floor One S5.  Long lasting battery

The concept that has guided the development of the Floor One series is that of consuming less water possible: the sensor mounted on the self-cleaning brush, it checks the amount of dirt on the floor in real time and automatically adjusts the amount of water that is sprayed.

With Floor One S5 it is therefore possible to clean large surfaces without the need to frequently refill the water tank.

The result obtained goes beyond all wildest expectations because the brush and the dirty water never come into contact with the floor, thus guaranteeing a perfect cleaning. The suction and floor washing functions are not “separable” because while Floor One S5 sucks up the dirt, it simultaneously washes the surface over which the brush is passed, reducing the time required and eliminating effort.

Like the S3 model, the Floor One S5 also uses two tanks, one for clean water, the other for dirty water. Compared to the predecessor the new floor cleaners it mounts a much larger container for clean water (0.8 liters) which in fact is now positioned in the rear part. At the front, the dirty water tank is also more generous in terms of capacity (0.7 litres).

A design choice that allows you to carry out intensive cleaning operations by changing the water less frequently.

The other major advantage of the Floor One S5 is that it is a device wireless: it is possible to move freely in any environment, even away from wall sockets, without the inconvenience of cables.

The drums 4,000 mAh offers good autonomy: 35 minutes in auto mode and 28 minutes at maximum power. The percentage of residual charge is shown in the center of the display.

As mentioned, in fact, Floor One S5 increases power according to the dirt detected on the floor: this can be seen from the circular crown on the display LED which gradually turns red.

Compared with S3, Floor One S5 stands out for two further noteworthy aspects: first of all, the structure of the brush allows you to clean even the most near the wall. The S3 model, with a behavior also common to other devices in the same category, did not allow washing the floor at about 2 centimeters from the wall (the suction function was still activated): with Floor One S5 this problem has now been overcome because it is possible perfectly clean any space, corners included.

Smart wireless scrubber dryer: Tineco Floor One S5.  Long lasting battery

The second aspect concerns the brush texture: in the S3 model the roller cover was not immediate to install and had to be precisely fixed on two supports before applying a rotation; with the new Floor One S5, on the other hand, everything is simpler because the cover can be removed and fixed vertically.

Smart wireless scrubber dryer: Tineco Floor One S5.  Long lasting battery

As a detergent and sanitizer against odors Tineco only recommends the use of the liquid that the company produces and sells. In the package, which also includes a good number of accessories, there is a bottle. However, it is important to avoid any foamy liquids as they could damage the device.

To purchase the Tineco Floor One S5 floor cleaner vacuum cleaner, you can refer to Amazon Italy.

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