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smart working station With so many people forced, at this moment of COVID-19, to work alone at home, we see some advice to make the smart working station more productive, convenient and comfortable (and since I have been working at home alone for years I can boast a certain authority on the subject). There are several ways to make work from home more enjoyable and one of them is to organize your desk by purchasing some devices and objects that can really help. For the most part these are objects and products that I myself use daily, which I am sure will benefit those who find themselves sitting in front of a table with a computer.READ ALSO: Smart working programs for working from home

1) The Standing desk
Working on the PC while always sitting is bad for your health and even working with the screen positioned lower than the head can cause cervical problems. Without the need to change tables or desks, you can purchase an adjustable riser, which allows you to raise or lower the screen and keyboard of the PC so that you can also work on it while standing.
On Amazon there are several models of Standing Desk Converter, with prices ranging from 150 to 600 Euros.

2) Foot rest
I personally believe that this is one of the most important purchases for those who work at home (which would also be excellent in the office), not to let the feet rest on the ground blocking the circulation of blood in the legs. a movable foot rest reduces the pressure on a person’s knees by 40%.
After trying 3, I personally believe that the best is the footstool by Amazon Basics, on sale for 20 Euros.

3) Ergonomic keyboard
Although for some it may seem like an expense it seems like an unnecessary expense, the wrists and shoulders will thank you very much for using an ergonomic keyboard. An ergonomic keyboard has a curved shape, designed to reduce muscle activity and allow a natural posture both sitting and standing. The goal is to have your wrists in a neutral position, not bent.
On Amazon you will find many models of ergonomic keyboards, with prices starting from 35 Euros.
Alternatively, if you do not want to change the keyboard, the palm rest soft.
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4) Headphones
If we work at home and have children or other people who disturb the concentration, buying a nice set of headphones that can isolate us can be a good idea. We have seen in another article how to choose quality wireless headphones for PC or TV.

5) Ergonomic mouse
Like the keyboard, the ergonomic mouse is also decisive in making computer work more comfortable. Although there are several ergonomic mouse models, the one I recommend is the vertical mouse or the oblique one, which keeps the hand slightly turned, without pressing with the wrist on the table. A mouse is also recommended for the hand that moves the mouse pad with pad.
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6) Lap Desk
Those who use the laptop and do not have an organized desk, can consider it a good idea to work at a desk or table organized as an office by buying a Lap Desk, that is an inclined shelf that has a mouse, keyboard and then palm rest and space for the smartphone. The added benefit of a medium-sized lap desk is the ability to store it in a closet or under the bed when you are not working and be able to take it from one room to another.
There are many desk options and styles to choose from and on Amazon there are several models of Lap desks to choose from according to personal preferences.

7) Mini table exercise bike
To keep fit even while working while sitting in front of the computer, you can buy a mini table exercise bike. Basically it is an exercise bike that can be pedaled while sitting and that is placed under the work table, to keep the legs moving.
On Amazon there are several models of mini exercise bike from 40 to 150 Euros (I bought it a few years ago, but, I must admit that after a first use I gave up using it)

8) Natural light lamp
Just like the standing mat and the ergonomic keyboard, this is another object to buy to feel good and, in this case, for the health of your eyes. It is not only useful for illuminating the computer keyboard at night, but also for creating natural lighting during the day that prevents the sun from bothering you.
On Amazon there are several models, the one I chose is this one of Taotronics at 35 Euros (it is not a sponsorship, it is a medium level model with excellent reviews and an affordable price).
To protect your eyes while working on the computer, don’t forget to buy them computer glasses.

9) The chair
While this can be a fairly expensive purchase, sitting comfortably is essential if you work from home for many hours. As for the best chair to buy to work on the PC, you have to rely on the choices of the Gamers, that is, the inveterate gamers who stay hours on the computer without ever leaving. The gamer chairs are absolutely the most comfortable and best, equipped with two cushions, one in the text rest and one for the lower back, with a long seat and the possibility of setting the best position.
Although they are among the most expensive and can have bright colors, my advice is to invest in an AKRacing chair, which I personally use with great satisfaction.

10) Microphone and webcam for the PC
On this, we wrote a dedicated article to know how to add microphone and webcam on PC for video calls

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