Smartphones and anxieties, water damage is no longer scary

According to some surveys conducted on the web, smartphone owners no longer fear the water and liquids in general as potential harmful factors for the phone. Certainly many will remember the old days when you had to be very careful not to let your mobile devices get even a drop of water.

Those moments, however, seem to have been largely archived. In fact, it seems, according to the latest surveys conducted in the United States, that users do not consider water among the main fears for their smartphone. Indeed they would be 8 the reasons for fear in this case, with water damage not even making the top 5.

Smartphones and fears, users fear several factors more than water

According to reports, one of the most frequent fears that smartphone users have is that of damage the screen. About the 34% of the people questioned responded exactly like this, as the display is the part with which users interact most.

All this is confirmed by the fact that 45% of Americans spend at least 5 hours using their phone screen every day. Around 27% usually resort to repairing the latter, as it is used extensively and therefore the chances of breaking it increase. 54% also prefer to watch genre films and programmes.

In second place are the problems related to connection in general and more precisely to Wi-Fi. Il 19% of the responses concerned the fear of this problem, since a smartphone that cannot connect to the web would currently only be a giant torch or a simple paperweight.

In third place, with the 13%the problems at touchscreen: the fear of touching the screen and not seeing it respond is among the first. L’11% of people are then afraid of damaging the aesthetics of their smartphone, leaving this fear to occupy fourth place in the ranking.

In fifth place are the charging problemsalso in this case with the11% of the answers, while in sixth place is the damage caused by water with the 10%. To date, as the top-of-the-range models are mostly waterproof, this fear has faded. And what are you afraid of when you use your phone?


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