Smartwatches with SIM: the best watches to call without a phone

Smartwatch con SIM

Many smartwatches on the market allow you to answer incoming calls on the phone but only if it is connected via Bluetooth: we will therefore always have to have the phone nearby in order to actually answer incoming calls or make new ones.

However, there are smartphones with SIM e dedicated connection to the cellular networktherefore able to make calls without a phone, a very useful function if we often forget the phone or find ourselves in a remote place without the phone with us, so that we can always call someone in an emergency.

In the following guide we will show you how smartwatches with SIM work and what are the best models to buy currently. Obviously smartwatches with SIM need dedicated telephone offers, otherwise we will not be able to make convenient calls.

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1) How a smartwatch with SIM works

SIM inside the smartwatch

A SIM-enabled smartwatch has a dedicated slot for inserting the SIM and an internal antenna for connecting to the cellular network, so you can make calls like a regular phone. Calls can be initiated using the voice assistant, by opening the app Contacts on the smartwatch, using the SIM address book or synchronizing contacts from a phone.

There is no SIM slot on newer smartwatch modelsbut is exploited for the purpose a eSIM modulewhich is a programmable SIM chip integrated inside the phone and able to emulate the functioning of the physical SIM.

2) Best offers for smartwatches with SIM

Before choosing an excellent smartwatch with SIM, we advise you to immediately choose a dedicated offer for the watch, so that you can immediately take advantage of the call function without phone as soon as the chosen model arrives.

On smartwatches with SIM slots we can choose one of the following offers:

  • TIM 5G Power Smart: €14.99 per month for 50 Giga, unlimited minutes and SMS.
  • Vodafone RED Pro: €14.99 per month for 50 Giga, unlimited minutes and SMS.
  • Iliad: €9.99 per month for 120 GB, unlimited minutes and SMS.
  • WindTre Voce Full: €7.99 per month for unlimited minutes, 200 text messages and 50 megabytes of internet.
  • Fastweb Mobile Light: €5.95 per month for 50 Giga, unlimited minutes and 100 SMS.

The best offer is certainly that of Fastweb, but we must not underestimate the offer of Iliad and the offer of WindTre (voice only).

On smartphones with eSIM we can choose one of the offers above but only for operators that support eSIM technology. Operators that support eSIM are:

  • eSIM TIM
  • eSIM Vodafone
  • eSIM WindTre

We choose the best offer for our smartwatch with SIM, also based on the number of calls we make and their duration.

3) Buying guide

After having seen how smartwatches with SIM work and which telephone offers to combine with them, it is time to immediately check which models it is worth buying on Amazon, the best e-commerce site with return rights and extended warranty, as seen in our guide on Amazon guarantee that the money spent will be refunded within two years.

Krostming Smartwatch GPS 4G

Krostming Smartwatch

The first model of smartwatch with SIM that we can consider is the Krostming Smartwatch GPS 4Ggreat as a gift for children.

This smartwatch has a nano SIM slot, LTE connection, Wi-Fi connection, phone book function, camera, two-way call, video call system, real-time GPS locator mode, SOS button, pedometer, lesson timetable, Do not disturb mode (Class mode) She is awake.

Ticwatch Smartwatch Pro 3 LTE

Ticwatch Smartwatch

An excellent smartwatch with SIM is the Ticwatch Smartwatch Pro 3 LTEequipped with a 1.4-inch dual-layer screen, Wear OS operating system from Google, Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 processor, heart rate sleep monitoring system and NFC module for fast contactless payments.

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 LTE

Samsung Galaxy

Those who are fond of the Samsung brand may want to consider the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 LTEequipped with a 40 mm case, 1.2-inch AMOLED screen, Wellness monitoring system, Fitness Tracker mode, long-lasting battery, Bluetooth connection, eSIM module and Wear OS by Google operating system.



Among the smartwatches with the most beautiful SIM that we can consider we find the HUAWEI WATCH 3 Pro CLASSICboasting a 1.43-inch AMOLED screen, AP52 adapter, eSIM calling system, battery up to 3 days, sensors to measure oxygen saturation, 24/7 heart rate monitoring system, GPS connection, waterproof up to at 5 ATM and leather strap.

Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Watch

The most expensive smartwatch with SIM that we can buy is undoubtedly theApple Watch Series 8which boasts a 45 mm aluminum case, always-on Retina display, GPS connection system plus dedicated cellular network, eSIM module, advanced safety features (Fall Detection, Emergency SOS and Accident Detection), advanced training app, temperature sensor and sensors for heart rate and saturation.

To learn more about the use of the eSIM on the Apple Watch, please read the dedicated guide from Apple.


The ones we have seen above are undoubtedly the best smartwatches with SIM that we can use in Italy with Italian operators. Most new smartwatches work with eSIMs, so before buying it is worth checking which operator your smartwatch supports.

To learn more, we can read our ai guides best Smartwatch watches and you have migliori App per Smartwatch Android Wear OS.

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