With an announcement with great fanfare, Snap Inc, also involved in the NFT side, has announced the debut of the Snapchat for Web project that brings its calling and messaging functions to computer users.
Snapchat for Web: calls and messages from the white ghost arrive on your PC

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It is not the first time that Snapchat faces the world of PCs, just think of the launch in 2018 of the Snap Camera for Mac and Windows, which allows you to use the famous AR effects of the white ghost even from your computer. To this experience, another one has been added, Snapchat for Web, which allows you to use the main features of the platform even while you are at the computer, perhaps because you are busy studying, surfing, entertaining yourself, socializing.

Specifically, Snapchat for Web can be reached via browser (for now only using Google Chrome) by going to web.snapchat.com: here, after logging in with your account credentials and completing the two-way authentication factors, you can start calls (in the hope that they are longer than those undertaken on the mobile side, equal to more than 30 minutes a day), or continue the chats (which, like the phone app, will be canceled after 24 hours , even if the Bitmoji will be flanked by a laptop to indicate in chat that the relative user is chatting from a computer) from where they were interrupted by the smartphone.

The functions that have been transferred from the mobile side to the PC version also include Chat Reply and Chat Reactions. Later, Snap Inc announced that it plans to bring the Lenses, augmented reality lenses, and the display of Memories and Stories (the format copied with the same name from Instagram) to Snapchat for Web: other functions could then do the big leap in case there was “enough demand”.

On the subject of privacy, Snap Inc has specified that Snapchat for Web will prevent screenshots, such as those that can be generated from a keyboard shortcut, although it is aware that they can always be taken if someone photographs the screen with a phone: moreover, it is provided for the privacy screen function whereby clicking on another window on the screen will automatically hide the Snapchat screen.

At its inception, Snapchat for Web will be available to users in countries such as the US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, as long as they have the Snapchat Plus monthly subscription plan ($ 3.99) recently activated. launch.


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