Snapchat interested in NFC as AR filters

According to a rumor published by The New York Times, Snapchat may be interested in showcasing NFTs as augmented reality filters (lenses).
Snapchat interested in NFC as AR filters

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Despite the crisis in the world of cryptocurrencies, more and more social realities are becoming interested in the sector of digital collectibles (even involved in a half crack), just think of Instagram, which in May launched a small limited test in the USA, and at Reddit, ready to launch a collection of NFT avatars. To these realities another one could soon be added, Snapchat.

According to The Finantial Times. which drew on the testimony of two people who are “familiar with the matter”. Snapchat is planning to launch a test, towards the end of August, with a small number of creators, to be allowed to show their creations of collectibles. Specifically, the creators could create NFCs on third-party platforms external to Snapchat, and then import them on the white ghost platform, as AR (augmented reality) filters, as usual, superimposed on reality.

The blockchain technology would take care of ensuring that those “filters are attributable to that creator”. According to what has been leaked, Snapchat has no plans to charge creators anything to give them the ability to present NFTs.

In addition, to attract creators (with attached following of fans), Snapchat would be exploring collaborations with third-party realities thanks to which creatives should be able to earn from their digital creations. All this should be part of the panel of initiatives undertaken some time ago by the parent company Snap Inc of CEO Evan Spiegel to ensure that creatives make a living from their commitment on the platform, as done for example with some cash prizes granted to the authors of the posts. with the best performances, and as happened with the sharing of some advertising revenue.

At the moment Snapchat, which recently announced its Snapchat + subscription plan, has not shared official details regarding the NFT project, but it is likely to be able to provide the first insights into this next week, when it is expected that. the new quarterly results are disclosed.


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