Between one rumor and another, Snapchat took the opportunity to announce a new project, after that of Dynamic Stories, represented by new digital cultural experiences thanks to its technology based on augmented reality.
Snapchat: Official lenses with digital artwork

The big news at Snapchat continues, with the well-known photo-sharing platform created by Evan Spiegel who, after having presented the fourth generation of Spectacles eyewear to the press, and having introduced the dynamic Stories, net of the usual rumors circulated on still functions. unpublished, has just officially announced – through a video presentation by the famous artist Jeff Koons – a rather original novelty dedicated to cultural experiences.

The new Snapchat initiative, launched in collaboration with LACMA, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, pays homage to the changing landscapes of the southern California metropolis through virtual installations of the works of three artists, represented specifically by Judy Baca, Kang Seung Lee, and Sandra de la Loza. According to reports, the works of art can be found near Los Angeles, “locked in physical locations”, with users being able to discover and view them through the Snapchat Camera, thanks to the platform’s AR filter technology.

Those who cannot go to the site can orient their browsers at the web address and, after scanning the appropriate and dedicated QR codes, recreate a similar experience on the spot.

The goal of the platform with the aforementioned novelty is to make available to creators and designers new ways to reach their audience, which also constitute new ways to involve users in art so that, with more and more artists who will experiment with digital approaches, an unprecedented modern artistic movement could also be born, characterized by new forms of visualization (perhaps with VR viewers to make the most of the contents of a gallery) and presentation of art.

Moving on to the rumors, from the leaker Alessandro Paluzzi, it appears that the Snapchat platform is still at work, with a view to parental control, on its Family Center, both through access to a Help sub-section and by providing a short guide quick in favor of guardians and parents.


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