Snapchat prepares Snapchat Plus subscription – that’s what it’s all about

Like a bolt from the blue came the discovery, complete with admission from those directly involved, that Snapchat is also working on its own subscription, called Snapchat Plus.
Snapchat prepares Snapchat Plus subscription - that's what it's all about

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Lately, many social or messaging platforms, however linked to digital interactions, are considering the hypothesis of a subscription plan. He started Twitter, testing for example better USA for about $ 3 a month the Blue subscription plan, including various functions, including the button to cancel a message that has just been sent. WhatsApp is also working on an optional Premium plan for companies, while Telegram will make its subscription debut in the coming weeks, by June. Apparently, however, there would also be another reality “on the piece”.

In the past few hours, a spokesperson for Snap Inc, Evan Spiegel’s company behind Snapchat, Spectacles glasses and the Pixy mini shooting drone, enthusiastically confirmed that the company is internally testing a Snapchat Plus subscription plan. without giving too much detail, simply hinting at how, by joining it, it will be possible to provide feedback (thus offering the platform opportunities to learn) on preliminary functions, but also to test preview functions of future release, and to have exclusive functions.

Thanks to some reverse engineering investigations by leaker Alessandro Paluzzi, a flurry of rumors arrived that detailed quite well at what point of development Snapchat + has reached. To date, this subscription, which should cost 4.59 euros per month (45.99 euros per year or 24.00 euros for 6 months) after a week of free trial, would allow you to obtain a badge on your profile, exclusive icons (with which to customize that of the app), would allow you to scan (as long as they shared it with the user) the position of friends in the last 24 hours, to see how many friends have looked at our Stories more than once and, in addition, as another exclusive feature as a prerogative, to nominate one of their platform friends as “best friend”.

Of course, as always happens in such cases, the indiscretions in question must be taken with a grain of salt, since it is not clear whether Snapchat will then debut its subscription plan, the price of which, among other things, could also vary according to the functions offered, perhaps operating on several levels.

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