Building on the growing success of Spotlight clips (TikTok clone), Snapchat has announced the test of the Spotlight Replies feature, which will allow you to reply, with text, to short clips from creators.
Snapchat: the test for Spotlight Replies is underway.  Here's what they consist of

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The current ones are turning out to be times laden with change for Snapchat which, after experimenting with shooting drones, launching Shared Stories, and admitting internal testing for its own subscription, Snapchat Plus, has launched a much-requested test about it. of your own short videos.

According to data released by the company on the occasion of the first quarterly of 2022, the time spent on Spotlight short videos, introduced in November 2020 to face TikTok, has increased by 230% year on year, while it has grown by 3.5 times the sending Spotlight videos using the platform’s creative tools and AR Lenses (AR lenses / filters). As a result of this result, it has become necessary to listen to the community of fans of this format who, for some time, have been asking to be able to comment on the videos of the creators.

Ipso facto, the Spotlight Replies function was conceived which, however, will not allow you to automatically publish the comments sent (only in text form, and without any link / url), in the same way as, even today, Snapchat does not allow replies. or public comments on Friends’ Stories (a caution that, in the hi-tech world, has kept Snap Inc safe from problems related to issues such as harassment, disinformation and bullying).

Specifically, as soon as it is sent, a comment will be moderated by the platform’s artificial intelligence, in order to prevent creators from being exposed to phenomena of verbal violence or hate speech. Later, if the comment exceeds this step, it will be brought to the attention of the author of the video, who can decide to reject it or make it public to other viewers of his Spotlight clip: it will also be possible to “reject or accept comments in batches to be made public “.

The newly announced feature, Spotlight Replies, is not yet active, but will debut next week, in tests, in a single market, curiously that of New Zealand, in order to collect the necessary feedback, with the promise that in the coming months more markets will be able to test. this novelty.


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